Chapter 630 Your Highness

A strong and intense aura spread throughout. The Golden Warrior Appears

He was now furious. He looked at Nie Dong as he dealt with his soldiers.

“I am Golden General Feng Xian, a servant of the Mighty God. Say your name!”

Nie Dong now clenched his teeth. The other party was actually at the same level as him. How could he feel this pressure?

when the other party had him mention his name A general's dignity is always higher than his own life.

“I am the General of the Blue Sea, Niangtong!”

Nie Dong unleashed his power in an attempt to push Fengxian away. However, his power was still under pressure.

“Good, very good, General of the Blue Sea. You have committed the grievous sin of daring to destroy my golden army. What's more, you dare to turn your claws on my Lord by thinking of destroying your royal ship. Your punishment is only death.”

Feng Xian finished speaking. A halberd appeared in his hand. After the halberd appeared, he jumped before the horse appeared between his legs.

Feng Xian
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