Chapter 631 Not a problem

“No matter what please tell me I will definitely find it for you.”

Nie Li said with certainty. No matter what Chen Ming wanted, he would find it all. He was quite confident in the Nie family's abilities and finances.

However, as soon as Nie Li heard what he wanted, His face instantly turned pale.

The things Chen Ming needed were not expensive compared to other things, but…

“I want the yin-yang fusion flower for the yang part. If you don't want much, just a bouquet or two is enough.”

Chen Ming wanted the Yin Yang Condensation Flower. It was the item he just auctioned off yesterday night. Chen Ming only needed two bouquets.

Nie Li's pale face now was because there was a slight problem. He had already spent all his eight concubines last night.

He was in a hurry to have an heir. Until he used it all up in one night...

Nie Dong looked at Nie Li. He wondered why Nie Li hadn't agreed. He recalled that Nie Li had gone to the auction to buy a large number of Yin-Yang Condensing Flowers. He wan
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