Chapter 632 What is this feeling

Long Zhiyun and Ye Ying'er gasped. Chen Ming gave them an enormous number of Elite Dragon Fruits.

They didn't know what to say right now. There were so many that they were all blinded.

Even if Long Zhiyun was a Princess of the Dragon Palace, there should be many Dragon Fruits. She had never seen anything this big before.

Plus, each orb had a power that was truly unfathomable. Long Zhiyun thought that ten Dragon Balls of this level would be enough to purchase the treasures they needed.

Its value adds up to enough to buy the entire city and still have a lifetime left over.

Long Zhiyun and Ye Ying'er wanted to say something, but Chen Ming cut it off first.

"not enough? If that's not enough, I have more. Or I can continue to create it.”

Long Zhiyun and Ye Ying'er hurriedly shook their heads, wasn't that enough? What would they do with this many Dragon Balls? take it to the sea like that?

“Enough, no, it's more than enough. We really can't take this much. after getting what we want We will
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