Ninety six

Derek stretches his arm towards Ava trying to touch her, she jerks away from him avoiding him. Ava took no chances of allowing him to get any closer to her, she zoomed out of the library.

Dyrus dropped the golden kettle on the floor, Derek kept on telling for help in the kettle but no one could hear him. Dyrus pursued Ava out of the library.

“Ava!“ Dyrus called out pulling Ava by grabbing her arm.

“What is it?“ Ava asked banging her feet on the ground.

“Ava, why are you acting like this? Why are you ghosting me?“ Dyrus let out.

“How am I ghosting you?“ Ava asks tapping her feet on the ground continuously with her hands wrapped around her chest. She is in haste to free her son, Derek, and her whole family.

“Ava, you've stopped talking nicely to me after Don came back into existence.“ Dyrus exclaimed.

Ava hissed rolling her eyes.

“I have no time for this. You can see I was about to save my son from his current predic
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