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Now the dark Jinns possess Don. Don and Sage became furious as Derek was out of their captivity.

Daniel became furious after he cried his eyes out on, the morning of his brother Sam's death. Daniel faces the dark Jinn and Sage with so much rage in his red eyes.

“I must avenge my brother's death.“ Daniel made a harsh, grating noise as he pulls his hand towards Sage and Don that were mesmerized by how Derek escaped.

Dan pushed a force field on them, caging them in a spot. Sage pushes herself on the force field but she wasn't able to escape, her shoulder slumped.

“Let us out of here, dumbass!“ Sage said.

The dark Jinn was muted as he was able to escape out of Don's body before Daniel cast a binding spell on them. The dark Jinn sneakily grabs the kettle as he grins, disappearing into thin air with the bottle.

Ava is at the edge of getting the three-eyed monster's name but everyone refuses to confess it to her.

Derek rekindled his romance with Li
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