10. Sexual Harassment

Paul - Wolves Inc Office Building

After days of my men digging into Bogdan's background and scrutinizing his every action, I still don't have anything definitive that proves he's the one who wants to murder me. The digging efforts of my team have not yet yielded any results. All I have is Bogdan Badea's name and the fact that he bought shares in Wolves Inc from persons I had no idea wanted to sell.

My wolves are in a state of tenseness. The pack is growing distrustful of my actions, particularly the one associated with a certain strigoi. I must avoid Laura for the sake of both of us. Whatever occurs when she's around is something I'll never understand.

My mood is worsening now, as I have to hear Cristian applauding the results from the RBO party. I don’t know which is worse: when he’s pestering me to do stuff I resent or when he’s beaming around me like a schoolgirl.

"I wasn't sure you would be able to persuade Darius Popovici to inscribe the Wolves logo on his team's uniforms. However, you did it. And he only asked for half of what he had previously sought to consider the transaction. You really are a miracle worker."

“I would like to take credit for this, but Laura was the one who convinced Darius.” I want to add, ‘Without even glamouring him,’ but I stop just in time. Cristian doesn’t know anything about the supernatural world. For him, the world is just what meets the eye.

“Oh, that’s the woman you were with at the party, I presume.” He rubs his hands energetically. “If you’d be so kind as to give me her contact details, I would love to extend her a contract to escort you at every future party. She’s great for business.”

“She’s not for hire. I invited her to be my plus one.”

“Oh, she’s not an escort.” Cristian’s smile widens just when I think that’s not even possible. “Is the old Paul back? You go, stud!”

"If that’s all, you can leave. I have several tasks that I need to attend to." I lower my gaze to the laptop's screen. 

His giggling gets further away as his footsteps approach the exit. When I hear the soft clicking of the door closing behind him, I sigh heavily. My schedule is full of boring meetings and presentations. But my mind goes astray toward a certain red-headed woman. I’ve decided to avoid meeting her ever again, so my wandering thoughts fill me with anger.

Irina, my secretary, opens the door a crack, and I lift my eyes from my laptop. Raising an eyebrow, I wait for her to speak. 

My glare probably shows my bad mood, because she stutters. "The HR sent t-the new a-assistant they hired to h-help you with your schedule."

Yeah, I remember someone from HR announcing they have found a woman for that position. Having over a thousand employees, I don’t ask for details or names. That’s why I have a whole department to handle these things.

“She can come in.”

I return to reading my schedule on my e-calendar, thinking if I can postpone or ditch some of the meetings there. Suddenly, the lilac scent hits my nostrils, and I barely hold in a groan.

Laura is dressed formally in a black suit, her hair tied into a bun on top of her head, ready to dazzle anybody who catches sight of her.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, my teeth gritted. 

“Hi! I’m Laura Nedelcu, your new personal assistant.”

I stare at her outstretched hand, my own crossing firmly over my chest as I lean against the backrest.

"You're taunting me, strigoi!" This is the tone I employ to make even the most ferocious of my wolf warriors cringe. "There's no way in hell you could have gotten this job!"

“Indeed, higher education wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. Though my experience in sorting out life for more than half a century makes me the perfect candidate.”

“You can’t put that on the resume.” I frown and rise from my chair. 

"Of course. That’s why I glamoured the HR personnel." She shrugs with ease as if she is talking about breakfast. "I promise you, their minds aren’t affected, and I’m going to thoroughly do my job. Do you have any requirements I must know beforehand? "

“You’re not fit for the job. You overdeliver. I don’t like people who do more than I ask.”

“No outshining you. Understood.”

It is hard for me to maintain my composure while she taunts me openly. As if I don’t matter in the least. Like a cat who discovered a mouse, she loves to play with me. I want to stick to my pacifist mantra, but my wolf demands to show her what this mouse really is. He takes the wheel, going over our agreement. 

I lunge. My speed is enough to reach her in less than a second, darting toward her. A hand on her neck as I push her onto the wall. Her back hits the hard concrete, and I flinch inside, thinking I may have harmed her. That can leave a bruise on a normal human. But she isn’t. She’s just an abomination. I must remind myself of that.

"Do you realize we’ll be in deep shit? You’re making things worse by the minute." My voice is rougher, huskier when my wolf talks. "The wolves will want your head if you keep messing with us. The Council will want to put you on trial. You’re a blight. I need to purge you from this world."

“Oh, you’re the wolf, I suppose. Nice to meet you! I’m Laura Nedelcu.”

She has the nerve to outstretch her hand again with a smile on her face. With a hand still holding her neck in a tight grip, my other hand pushes her arm away and then pins it to the wall. I snarl and growl, my wolf showing her my darkest face.

Laura continues unaffected, “Did I invite you to the party? Was I the one who groped your ass in front of the media?” She smirks, completely disregarding my growl. “Oh, and this is sexual harassment. Where can I report this, boss?”

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