79. Serendipity

Paul - At home

“We’re leaving the day after tomorrow,” I announce to Dan, sitting in front of him at the kitchen table. “I’ve scheduled a week-long trip to a remote location I don’t want to disclose even to you. I’ve been careful not to go during a full moon. So you and Alin should be fine managing the pack while I’m away. Oh, and the phone signal might be lacking, so don’t try to call me.”

“I see you made up your mind already.” Dan sighs. “I knew you would put Laura above all else, but this is too much. Give me at least an emergency contact number to reach you just in case.”

“As you said, I’ve made up my mind.”

“Fine.” Dan stands and begins pacing through the kitchen. “What about the company? I’m not particularly fond of the idea of taking on business decisions while you’re away.”

“Oh, no need. I put Max in charge of the company during my absence.”

“The shifter? Why would you do that? Do you trust him so much?”

“He’s not doing me any favor. The bastard is charging me for his time and
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