84. True Love's Bite

Paul - The Retezat Mountains

Auburn leaves fall kissed by the cold winds. A cold mountain that still hasn’t welcomed winter. An owl hoots a few times and, as I pass, flies away, out of reach. I can feel the change in the air, now thick with the scent of incoming rain.

The sky above the tree’s canopy is gathering heavy clouds, soon to be released in a torrent of droplets. The first few stars peeking through the dark gray curtains are a sign that I don’t have much time left to find Laura.

I know I'm close. To her. And I know why she ran away, putting distance between us. Because I'm possessive and selfish, not wanting to give her what she needs. I can't give her what she wants without losing everything I love. And I love her. But it seems I'm doomed to lose her anyhow.

I've lost so much time denying reality, turning a blind eye to the truth.

"I'm coming, Laura," I whisper to myself.

The trees seem to go on forever, the forest floor stretching into the distance. Laura is nowhere in s
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