chapter 4


At first I didn't want to attend the Lance's party but on second thought, why not? Like Daniel said, it would also do me some good;that is unwinding a little. Flip with someone until I'm able to forget about ELisa, temporarily.



Tonight was the night. The night that I make my arrival official. The night where the world will see for not just who I am but also for what I am.

The red dress was exquisite and extravagant roughly costing 25,000 dollars. It was worth it. It was worth every dime and every penny. The design of the gown was topnotch and designed by one of the best fashion designers in Sweden. The gown embraced my curves, a long slit just at the edge exposing my long left leg and the V-cut was slightly revealing my cleavage. The dress was rounded up with a pair of silver heels and a silver clutch. My long red hair was curled and it bounced on my shoulders in waves as I got up after my make-up and gazed at myself in the mirror. I was surprised at how I was able to eradiate such confidence because I had never thought I would in years. And here I was today, standing tall, beautiful and powerful.

After forty minutes of getting ready, I proceeded to Ava's room to check up on her. I saw my Aunt playing with her.

"Aunt Lily, aren't you going to attend the party?" I asked her with a frown.

"Nah I think I'll pass. And besides, Ava and I still have to watch our favorite show together, right baby?"

"Right grandma! Wow, mommy, you look so beautiful. Isn't mommy beautiful, grandma?"

"The hell she is. I'm sure Alex wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of you tonight. You look so stunning, my dear."

I smiled. "Thanks Aunt."

"Mommy are you going somewhere? Can I come along too? Is Uncle Alex going with you? Please mommy can I come along?"Ava asked me, her voice not too far from tears. Wrong answer and she'd be sniffing and having tears roll down her face.

I crutched down in front of her. "I'm sorry sweetie but next time, I promise. Look grandma's here. Watch your favorite show with her, will you?"

"Oh okay, mommy. But promise not to stay long."

I smiled, tucking a strand of hair off her face. "I promise."

"Aren't you taking Kara with you?" My aunt asked.

Kara was my best friend. We met and became close during our early days in college. Her family was filthy rich and they also resided here in California, somewhere in San Diego.

"Yes I called her. She said she'd be there. Aunt, I need to go now. Alex will be here soon." I said, straightening up.

"Oh alright. Take care."

"I will!"

On getting to the living room, I saw Alex standing and waiting



"You've been here all this while?"

"You're quite aware that if I go in, I won't be able to come out alone. You know I won't be able to say no to her.'

"That is true. You look quite dashing, sire."

"You too. Lisa I say this and I'll keep saying this everyday. You remain the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and met, sincerely speaking."

"Thanks, Alex. Let's go?"

As soon as we reached the venue, Xander carefully parked our car in the garage and we stepped out. As soon as we got out, the media burst out from no where and started asking all sorts of questions. They weren't able to get too close to us because the bodyguards following us behind, hired my Alexander prevented them from doing so.

We went inside and saw that there were a lot of people already seated, waiting for us. With heads turning our way, we smiled and made our way towards the executive area. We had just managed to settle down when we heard the announcement,

"Ladies and gentlemen, put those hands together as we welcome on stage, Mr and Mrs. Alexander Lance."

Claps and cheers filled the air as together, we made our way up stage.


I was tapping on my watch repeatedly. It was one of my usual ways to say that I was fed up and wanted to get out of a place and right now, I really wanted to do the latter. I didn't care about the women or the attention anymore. All I wanted was to get out of here.

I saw Daniel and one of my other friend smirking at me. They knew that I was already frustrated but I chose to stay calm because of my Dad. I was about to get up when I heard the announcement,

"Ladies and gentlemen, put those hands together as we welcome on stage, Mr and Mrs. Alexander Lance."

I turned to stare at the couple as they amounted on stage. Lance looked happy holding onto that woman's arm but what I didn't expect was the shock that raced through my entire body when the woman lifted her gaze to the public and smiled.

What the hell?


I smiled as we got up stage, the cheers and the claps growing louder. With the smile still plastered on my face, I let my eyes roam around the place but the next thing that made me froze was when I saw him. The look on his face was definitely shock. He looked surprised as ever. Almost as if he had seen a ghost.

I saw his mother staring at me like she had seen a monster.

A lot of people were also doing the same. Others were staring with smiles on their faces.

A slow smirk formed on my lips.



She couldn't be real. She couldn't possibly be. Was she? Elisa Evans? The only woman that I've never be able to get off my mind now for years was standing right there, smiling in the arms of another man. This couldn't possibly be real. Although it felt real. It was real.

Lisa was so much different now. Staring at her, if you've encountered her before in the past, you would know she was so much different now. She was so much beautiful, her curves seemed to have expanded, her skin: Everything about her was 10times more beautiful than she had been before. What was more beautiful too was that smile on her face. Judging from her looks, she didn't seem to be like the shy Lisa I knew before. The only thing that was a lot more similar to something of hers in the past was her red hair. It was something I cherished and loved dearly as well. I was glad she hadn't dyed it to another color like she had talked about before in the past.

And now, here she was. Standing and smiling in the arms of another man eradiating confidence and something else that was so unlike her.


Flynn was still staring at me dumbfoundly. I shrugged off my nervousness and got off stage, heading towards my best friend.

"Hey K." I called her and smiled.

"My girll!" she screamed excitedly on seeing me and hugged me. "Damn, you look so breathtaking. Everyone here is admiring you. You're so damn beautiful, girl." She said after we broke away.

"Thanks. You too." I said and smiled.

I took a drink on a tray held by a waiter as we chatted. This could keep me busy til Alex finishes what he was doing and then we'd both go home.


My gaze was still hung up on Elisa and I watched as she kept talking with a blonde. They seem to be quite close with the way she laughed every second at every word the blonde would utter and I would not deny, she had the most prettiest smile I had ever seen. And that merged with that beautiful face of hers, she was clearly undefeatable.

I was still seated, watching her when I felt someone tug my arm.

"This isn't good, Flynn, we should go." Mom whispered beside me.

"Not a chance. You can all go if you want. But I'm getting answers tonight. I won't leave unless I find out if she's still my Ellie or not." I said and flung my arm away from her hold.

"Son, we need to go now." My dad spoke up.

"You guys go ahead. I'll follow."

"What's going on here?" Fiona who was busy with a few guests before suddenly came up and asked. I stared at her firmly. She furrowed her brows. "Oh no. I know that look. Is she the El...." Her words caught in her throat when I glared at her. That didn't stop her from talking though. "But Flynn, what if she's not the one? What if she's not the person you've been looking for? I mean, look at her. That's an effortlessly beautiful mean rich lady right there. What if you're wrong, Flynn?"

"Then I guess I'll just have to find out."

I sighted Ellie talking to some affluent men in suits but all of a sudden, she smiled, got up and started towards the exit. Now that was an uncalled opportunity. An opportunity to have even if it was just a moment with her. I wanted to take this chance and find out what has been bothering me but unfortunately, I was unable to get to the exit when a few women surrounded and had their arms all wrapped around me. I wanted to play nice but their holds on me got tighter and so I just had to signal to two of my men from behind and they came and quickly took care of them.

I took my chance and started walking towards the exit when I quickly saw Daniel.

"Hey man, damn I can't believe it! Isn't she the one? She look so different! Have you spoken with her yet to find out? You know they're actually some people who look like other people but that doesn't make them those people...." I ignored and brushed past him.

As soon as I stepped outside, I saw her.

Her back was faced to me as she paced around, probably trying to catch her breath. She wasn't fond of crowds and right now, her pretence was slowly catching up with her.

"Still struggling with crowds huh?"

In a flash, she had spun to face me. I felt my heart dropped when I heard her ask;

"And who the fuck do you think you are?"


I was feeling uneasy and then I stood up and went outside to get some fresh air. I had always had problem with crowds but I had always still managed to fit in with a smile. I felt my heart skip when I heard the familiar voice,

"Still struggling with crowds huh?"

In a flash, I had spun to face the owner of the voice and I swear my chest dipped to my stomach when I saw him, standing, right in front of me.

"And who the fuck do you think you are?"

''Baby I..."

''And how dare you call me that?"

"Baby, don't...."

"Don't. call me that! You---" before I could finish, he had his hand gripping my waist as he pulled me close and pressed his lips into mine.

What the---?

I pulled away and lifted my hand, bringing it down to crash on his face.

"Security!!" I screamed.

I could see people rushing out of the hall toward us. No less than few seconds we were surrounded. Alex came out of the crowd and pulled me into his arms. "Wh up h heat the hell is going on here?"

"This bastard kissed me."

"He did what?"

" Mr Roberts how could you? I thought you were an honourable man when all this time you've had your eyes lurking around one person. My wife!"

"I'm very sorry Mr Lance. I think my son's had too much to drink." Flynn's dad defended.

"We'll take our leave now." Flynn's mom, the one and only Martina, interjected.

An idea crept in my mind.

" No! No one is leaving. You're not allowed to leave. Neither is your son. I'm sure he wouldn't mind spending the night behind bars for a day or two."

" Mrs Lance, I'm sure this was only a misunderstanding. My son's had too much to drink and he so he probably confused you with someone else, I'm sure he didn't mean to get that close to you. It was only a misunderstanding but if you're so hellbent on suing, you're highly welcomed to try. Mr Lance, Mrs Lance, it was nice meeting you. I hope this doesn't remain the last time we see."

"Oh I'm very sure it won't be, Mr Roberts." I said,glancing at Flynn who suddenly seemed to have gone frozen and then back at him. "I'm entirely certain.'

"Well then, it's been a pleasure. Welcome back to United States, Mrs Lance."

I smiled. And watched till their vehicles all drove out of sight not without giving Flynn a last gaze.

"Lisa, this was exactly what I was talking about." Alex informed me on our way home. "We shouldn't have come back here. He just saw you for the first time in a long time and the first thing he does, is kiss you?"

"He caught me off guard. It won't happen again."


"Alex, please. Enough of this conversation. Let's go in peace, please?" I didn't want him to know how the kiss affected me in some kind of way. Part of me that I had buried deep down somehow reacted to his touch and now something wasn't clear anymore. No. I was certainly sure I had buried my feelings. They died with Elisa Evans six years ago. There was no way in hell he could and would ever make me feel weak again. Never.


I was on my way to the living room when dad stopped me. "Flynn, we need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about, dad."

"Oh I'm certainly sure there is. What the hell came over you huh? Why did you do it? What was wrong with you, Flynn?'

"Dad please. Can we not do this now?"

"Not until you tell me the reason why you kissed her. The reason why you kissed someone else's wife!"

"Would you stop calling her that?! I just had to confirm! What, you think I'd do that on purpose?! Tell me dad, if it were to be you in my shoes, what would you do? Tell me what would you do if you saw the only woman you've spent you entire life worrying about all of a sudden? After years of being apart, tell me what would you do? What would you do, dad?"

"Well, here's what I'd do. I'd stay away. You don't even know for certain if she's even really the one. Don't you see how different she looks now? Tell me, is that really the kind of woman you're prepared to get so worked up about? A woman who's not even seeing you?"

"Lisa taught me how to love. Well, she can't not just un-see me now. And I won't stop dad, I won't stop until I get the answers that I need. So I suggest you quite trying to stop me because you can't." Damn, I was saying too much. "Had a rough day. I'll go rest now." With that I turned around and left for my room.

What really happened to you, Lisa?"


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