Chapter. 6

Ellie's POV

"...,and in doing so, we have to join our resources together to get a better result." Alexander concluded, and a round of applause filled the air.

We were having a meeting with the Roberts. Flynn had approached Alex with a deal, an offer to invest in our company temporarily. I should have known that he wouldn't give up just like that but I didn't want to be a reason why Alex would be turning down offers, letting huge amount of money go and so I agreed. I told him to approve Flynn's request of investing in our company and that this would be a start of something more open considering the fact that the Roberts Enterprises was one of the biggest in the whole world.

"Thank you, Mr Lance for this opportunity." Flynn said and shook hands with Alex who then turned and narrowed his eyes at me.


It was then I realized that Flynn was also holding out his hand for me.

"I'm afraid, Mr Roberts, that this won't be necessary considering the fact that
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