Chapter 1

“Hi Rose, what's your plan for tonight”, Mick my school friend and now my college friend asked. This is my first year of college and today is my second week in college. Already guys started asking me about my plans for weekends. I joined college very due to my certification courses.

“Dinner with my daddy” I smiled, rolling my eyes. I already have someone in my heart at a very earlier age when I found out what is love.

“Oh, but please let me know when you are free I want to date you,” he said stretching his hand on his nape. His smile tells me he is damn nervous.

“Mick I told you, I don't want to go on a date with anyone, you know my daddy…” I paused trying to find the suitable word “Sometimes so possessive” I explained to him shrugging my shoulder.

“Yeah, I know, but you are now an adult Rose” He argued.

“That doesn't matter, I can't date anyone until and unless he allows me” I snapped leaving the college corridor.

Today was the last day of the school before Christmas holidays. Christmas vacation is my favourite vacation because this is my birthday week. I am so excited about this birthday, I will be turning nineteen legally ready to have my way.

My car was waiting for me at the entrance. I was waiting for salina to wish her Christmas before going home, but it looked like she is not in college.

“Let's go home” I instructed my driver opening the door of my new Lamborghini. It's my advance birthday gift from daddy.

“Daddy” I yelled entering home. It's like my habit whenever I come home I call him to know whether he is in the the the home or not. The all-working servant was busy doing regular work.

“Where is daddy,” I asked one of them.

“Boss is in gym” One of them replied, and I nodded.

“Daddy” I again chirped going to the gym. We have a big mansion in the centre of the City of California. My daddy is just a multi-billionaire.

“ Here, baby girl,” He said once I entered. He was running on the treadmill without a shirt showing all his abs and muscles, sweat dripping down from his hard chest to his forbidden part. It was rare to see him without cloth, So I am just unable to control myself looking at his model-like body.

“Angel?” He asked, looking at me. He must be noticed I was checking him out.

“ Ye...SS daddy” I stammered but soon composed myself and continued, “I was asking for tonight, are we going out?” I asked trying not to see his perfect V shape.

“ Yes, baby girl” he replied with a smile.

“ Ok I'm going to get ready then” I replied before leaving otherwise I lose my control and again see his perfect figure.

Nowadays, I don't understand why, but I started to check him out whenever I get a chance. He is my crush, love whatever it's called since the time I learnt about love, It may be an attraction, but I can't control it. I know it's wrong to think about him like that, but he is not my biological father. He was my father's best friend and my godfather after losing my parents in a car accident he adopted me as his daughter.

He was a college friend of my father when they become friends when he was looking for investors for his start-up.

I chose one of the outfits for tonight's dinner and took a warm bath before getting ready for tonight. It's freezing out, but I still want to wear something good and get compliments from daddy.

“I am ready,” I said getting down the staircase. Daddy was already in his casual dress waiting for me. I was in a one-piece dress and the dress was backless giving a view of my back. I know I will get some earful if he found out, but I tried to cover it with my long hair. My little cleavage was showing in the silk-fitting dress like my second skin.

“ You are looking beautiful,” Daddy said something flashed in his eye but he soon cover up coming to me, he hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“Why backless, It's cold outside" He groaned caressing my bare back. I shivered under his touch.

“I am going to nineteen daddy" I replied kissing him on his cheek.

“Fine but only for tonight,” He said, and I nodded.

We reached one of my favourite restaurants for our dinner. This hotel is my favourite because I have only memories of my parents having lunch here before their accident.

“So what's your plan for Christmas vacation Princess," daddy asked me while we are eating our dinner.

“I want to go to Hawaii daddy for Christmas and my..... I paused intentionally to know whether he remembers or not

“ Your birthday,” He said grinning.

“Yes daddy” I chirped with a big smile on my face.

“ So, it's done we are going to Hawaii for Christmas vacation, I will arrange everything. Is it ok if we go the day after tomorrow because I have a critical meeting tomorrow princess” He asked?

“ Yes daddy,” I said full of excitement.

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Interesting story
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lovely ... but why is he so possessive
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Good going..

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