Chapter 2

“It's so beautiful daddy”

I chirped with excitement looking at the beautiful beaches around us, taking a fresh breath I opened my arms to feel the peaceful vibe around me. As daddy has promised, he arranged everything for our vacation, and we reached there in the early morning.

“Not more than you baby,” Daddy said, putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbing his hard hand on my soft skin.

“Thanks, daddy” I giggled at his compliment.

“Enjoy beach vibe baby, I have some work to do,” He said sitting on a chair with his laptop and I nodded.

I was enjoying the cool breeze on my face laying on deck chairs, enjoying my orange juice with peacetime while thinking should I tell him what I am feeling for him.

“Don't you want to go swimming?”He asked laying on the next beach chair.

“I want to go daddy, but I need to put lotion on my back to avoid tanning” I pouted.

“Do you want my help, princess?” He asked, sitting on a chair.

“Would you daddy?” Did I ask looking at him with a questioning gaze?

“Yes princess,” He said forwarding his palm for a lotion with a smile, I gave him a lotion bottle.

“Now lay back, so I can apply lotion on your back” He instructed standing from his chair, I nodded while turning around to sleep on the deck chair.

“Baby, you have to remove your jacket,” He asked, helping me to remove my jacket. I was in a bikini, covering myself with a jacket.

Anyone would never believe that my all bikini was gifted by him.

“Why this one baby,” He asked, playing with my string of bikini. I was in a string bikini.

I intentionally wore it to seduce him. I never felt like this before when his rough hand touched my soft skin. I was shivering under his touch.

“I … I wanted to try this one daddy” I stammered.

“Ok, I should buy more like this” He chuckled, putting lotion on my back. Instead of relaxing on his back massage, I was feeling shivering, a butterfly was dancing in my lower stomach. I don't know what was it, but one thing was sure, I should not feel for my stepdaddy.

“Baby are you fine,” He asked placing his hand on my bare shoulder.

“Yes daddy” I thanked myself for not stammering again.

“Daddy, I want to talk to you about something,” I said, taking a deep breath. I was confused should I tell him or not

“Yes baby,” He said moving down on my thighs.

“Daddy… can I have a boyfriend,” I asked, his hand stopped on my thighs After some silence, he said” Do you want?.

“Having one is not bad” I turn back looking at him from my shoulder. His expression says he is not happy.

“Rose you are a virgin,” He said, I turn red with embarrassment but felt his finger caressing my inner thighs.

“That's why I should have a boyfriend,” I said looking at him, who was staring at my body like a predator. I felt goosebumps under his gaze. There was complete silence and the atmosphere got tense every second.

“Daddy, we should go swimming,” I said, standing from the chair.

“You go, I want to stay here for some time,” He said sitting on his chair and I nodded.

He has booked the whole resort for us. He is sometimes so possessive, but he loves me a lot, and I know there is some reason why he doesn't want me to have a boyfriend.

I was swimming but feeling his gaze on me continuously, I asked him to join me, but he ignored me. After a few minutes, I don't know sudden what got into him. He removed his cloth showing his muscular god gifted body entering the pool.

“Finally, you joined,” I said, going to him.

“Do you want a boyfriend, rose?” He asked, his voice was serious, and I know he wants to know the reason.

“Daddy is just my all friends have boyfriends, only I am single” I sighed.

“Do you know having a boyfriend you have to give everything to him?” He asked, and I nodded, looking everywhere but not meeting his gaze.

“Don't you have a crush?” he asked, something felt like he knows I have a crush on him.

“Y.yes” I stuttered.

“Who,” he asked back, closing a little distance between us.

“Daddy….” I breathed out when he was just inches away from my face.

“Tell me rose” he whispered on my lips. He was simply inches away from my lips. I can feel his breath on my cheek.

“Daddy. I have a crush on you” I blurted out. He always knows what going on inside my mind, and he is now playing tricks to listen to me.

“I know,” he said, pinning me between pool and him.

“You know,” I asked, looking at him with widened eyes. He was smirking, looking into my eyes.


“How,” I asked back.

“Always find a way to check out me during workout baby girl,” He said, leaning and kissing my cheek. It looked like resembles of red cherry.

“Why didn't you tell me before,” I asked, but ignoring my question, his eyes darted to my lips?

“Does anyone taste them?” Did he ask caressing my lips with his thump?

“N… No” I whispered.

“Good,” he said, leaning a little while his other hand was on my nape, and like that he took away my first kiss.

His kiss was slow and gentle. He sucked my lower lips while asking for permission, but I didn't know how to kiss, so I didn't do anything, but he did something which startled me. I gasped after opening my eyes, he was gently squeezing my boobs. He entered his tongue inside my mouth and kissed me senselessly.

“You taste wonderful, rose” he whispered before licking my lower lips.

“Daddy…” I was amused looking at his wild green eyes.

“Don't you want me?” He asked, and I shook my hand in no and yes, both.

“So just feel princess our moment,” He said putting both hands on my waist helping me to seat nearly the pool.

“You would like to give your first time to me”, He asked, coming between my legs.

I was looking at him with my doe eyes. What he is saying was new to me, suddenly he is asking for something I had never thought of anyone.

“Only for the first time,” I asked back, wanting to know what he wants.

“No princess, If I took you, so you will be only mine, and I won't allow others to touch what's mine,” He said caressing my waist and paying with a little string. He is clutching the knot, if he pulled a little, my bikini bottom will be removed.

“Do you love me, Rose?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy” I replied immediately.

“Would you like to be mamma of my babies?” He asked and I blushed.

“Just tell me baby yes” He was asking impatiently.

“What if I don't agree with you” I played a little.

“You will never go to have a boyfriend and I chain you in one of the rooms and fuck you until you screamed I love you daddy” His voice was dominating, challenging me to just say no.

“Why me, daddy,” I asked now I wanted to know why he wants me.

“Because you are the one, He said, licking his lips.

I remembered he stopped dating when I was twelve years old. I saw him arguing with his girlfriend because she was cheating on him with his College friend, after that, I have never seen him with any Girl. He was a doted stepfather who did everything for me.

“Say Rose”, he asked again.

“Yes Daddy” Taking a deep breath I said and the next moment his lips were on me.

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Zeariyen *
This is a sick story meant for pedophiles and groomers. It’s disgusting and there’s no way this sexual abuse can be romanticized.
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Genevieve Mendoza
Interesting story
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Indera Surujballi
very interesting story

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