Chapter 7

“Daddy, I still want to know you're the biggest fantasy for me,” I asked, leaning more into his hard chest. We were seated on the sand, covering ourselves with a quilt and feeling each other body heat. Looking at a beautiful sky with so many stars. There was a bone fire and heater placed to make sure we didn't catch a cold.

“Baby, everything about you is best for me,” he said. His hand was caressing my stomach under the quilt sometimes rubbing his hand intentionally around my nipples.

“But you must have some fantasy for your wife and girlfriend,” I asked again.

He kissed on my bare shoulder and his hand going to touch my nipples. “will you go to make my fantasy real? “ He whispered in a raspy voice. His breath caressed my bare skin.

“Yes daddy” I tilted my head to look into his eyes.

“So listen to the princess,” he said rolling his fingers on my nipples. He continued" I have two big fantasies only and only for you,” he said, pinching my nipples lightly, and his hand making way to my so
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Marlenny Fernandez
Hell nooo. Once in the back door it can’t go back to the front unless he washes it. He plans to destroy her. What a dick. And since the story is about him. He’s gonna get away with that and more to come. Poor girl
goodnovel comment avatar
Esnart Kateule Mulenga
the man is a jerk.........
goodnovel comment avatar
And all that said is screaming yeast infection

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