Chapter 14

A drop of tear rolled down my cheek looking red blood on my hand. I was feeling like I failed my daddy. He was so happy talking about his baby. How I will face him? My mind was thinking about all the lovely moments when we talked about our baby. My pool of thought broke when I heard daddy's voice coming from outside the door.

“My babies are still sleeping,” Daddy said, coming inside the room.

“Why are you crying,” He asked, coming to bed.

“I….” I stuttered, still looking at the blood in my hand.

“Sorry Daddy,” I said sobbing, looking at him.

“It's ok,” he said, taking a deep sigh. He sat beside me, taking me in his lap, ignoring the blood oozing out of me.

“I failed you, I know you are hurt,” I said, sobbing in his chest. He embraced me in his arms, giving me comfort.

“No princess, I am sure my princess will get pregnant next month,” he said kissing me on my head.

“No, I want my little brat back,” I said, whimpering in his arm.

“I will give one, but please don't cry princess, It's not
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Santiago Garcia
go on, the story becomes more interesting, thank you
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Olney Ramsammy
i think it nice story
goodnovel comment avatar
This story was clearly written by someone who doesn’t write in English as their first language. It’s a nice story but could use some proofreading.

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