Chapter 16

“ It's so delightful, daddy,” I said, admiring the beautiful sights. As he had promised to take me out today, he brought me to the island's forest. It's a man-made forest but still, it was so good, every small detail is taken care of like stone, tree, river, and ways.

“Not more than you,” Daddy said, hugging me from behind and putting his chin on my shoulder. His hand was on my stomach.

'How're your feelings” He asked.

“It has been for three days, I am good now”, I replied, feeling the fresh wind welcoming us into the forest.

“ I love this place,” I said, holding his hand with mine.

“ Do you want to camp here tonight?” He asked. I turn my face to look at him, is he joking or serious?

“Seriously,” I asked

“Damn serious” He chuckled.

“ I will arrange everything until the time you can sit on the rock and if you feel good you can walk,” He said, going to see the arrangements before kissing on my temple.

This island forest looks like I am on some movie set. A little river with a waterfall
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Hauwa Linda Anavberokhai
Thanks again author. The story is good but the male lead is mentally deranged. It's possible he has a hand in the death of the girl's parent
goodnovel comment avatar
SallyAnn David Peterson
Isn’t it leaking* & not licking. Vagina* & not the state of Virginia? Grammar in these stories is outrageous. Makes me sad.

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