Chapter 17

Ahhhhh, please close the window” I said, taking the quilt above my head. The sunray streaming on my head broke my peaceful sleep. Last night I got so tired after our movement. The pain in my leg, remembering the pain of the first time.

“ Wake up princess” I heard a daddy's voice coming under my quilt.

“ But I don't want,” I said in a husky voice, turning my back to him. The first thing I did, putting a quilt on my head.

“Mmm I will allow you to sleep more, but I have one condition,” He said sneaking his hand under my chest.

“What condition,” I asked in a sleepy voice.

“ I want a photo shoot of you and mine, having you in your cycle.” He whispered in my ear.

“What” I exclaimed with shock and opened my eyes and met different surroundings.

I was in our bedroom, in our mansion.

“Princess….” Daddy was laughing and looking at me.

“Why are you laughing,” I asked, arching my eyebrows.

“Your reaction,” He said, covering his stomach with his hand.

“ When did we back here,” I asked sitting on the
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