Chapter 120

Ivan / Psycho POV.

“Are you leaving?" Amber asked, laying her head on my bare chest.

The fake wedding album helped her to get comfortable around me. I am taking things slowly, so she won't remember the worst memories of us.

“Yes, I have urgent business to attend to,” I said, stroking her soft hair.

“Do you always busy like that before my accident?” She asked.

“Not much busy but now my business expands every day, baby” I sighed. I also don't want her to leave for a minute, but this mafia thing and party. I need to attend, earlier I was just interested in mafia things, but now I need the power to protect her from any evil eyes.

“We don't need more money, Ivan, We have enough,” She said, looking into my eyes. I felt loneliness in her voice.

“Do you miss me?” I asked and redness appear on her cheek.

“So you miss me when I am not around” I chuckled, and she hid her face in my chest.

“You miss me baby” I cupped her face.

“Yes…” She whispered and the next second my lips were on her lips. I k
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Flying Soul 🦋
wait for 2 more chapter and mystery will unfold
goodnovel comment avatar
Parwan Kaur
I know she had twins and Jess is the girl and where is the boy and I know Johnathan is not their child
goodnovel comment avatar
Parwan Kaur
one question thts bugging my mind..I hope author can reply too ..what happened to rose son.

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