Chapter 121

Joseph POV.

“Are you ready Boss” Angelo came into my room.

“Yes…” I said adjusting my tie.

“Boss, we have got another note,” Angelo said.

“Play it,” I said and he nodded

“Hello, Mr Welton,”

“So you are in Russia” I heard his clap.

“I didn't expect you to come, Like who will come to a dangerous place knowing someone is waiting to just pounce on you”

“So we are going to meet tonight at the party…but shhh!!! Sadly, you don't know how I look alike.”

“So it would be fun for me but not for you….hmmmmmm we should find solutions for that,” He said thinking.

“So, I give you some hint. I will be in a black blazer, Most of the guests will be” He chuckled first and continued, “But I will have a tattoo on my right knuckles.”

“Let's meet at the party,” He said before the audio was completed.

“Is he going to be there?” Angelo asked.

“We can't say that as of now, Let's see at the party,” I said.

“Where is Steph,” I asked.

“I don't know, His number is also not reachable” Angelo informed.

“What…why d
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Choo Anna
i don't know...but i wish they can be good friends in be honest 'ivan' just like the younger version of 'josh'...

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