Chapter 123

“When papa will come,” Jessica asked, playing with her food.

“He is busy baby,” I said same playing with my food.

“But he always had dinner with us,” She asked.

“Yes baby, … But nowadays, he is a little busy baby,” I said joining my thumb and index finger, making her smile" I will ask him to take us out for the weekend”.

“Really mama” Her eyes twinkle with excitement and Duke bark asking the same.

“Yes, baby” I smiled.

We had dinner with so many questions about going out at the weekend and where we would go. She was so excited to go out on weekends. I need to speak with him before the weekend, so he won't think about working weekends. If he is thinking, that he can work on weekends, he is going to sleep on the couch.

I did my nightly routine before going to bed, and it was already night, but he is not there. It's like that from last week. His company got a big project, and he is damn busy with the project, coming late at night and going early in the morning like his new routine, forg
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