Chapter 129

“What are you doing,” I asked daddy who was busy playing with my strap nightgown.

“Hmmm, playing” He replied, removing it from my shoulder.

“What game you are playing,” I asked.

“Asking this nightgown, can I remove it,” He said like an innocent baby.

“And what nightgown replied to you,” I asked.

“Hamm, the nightgown is ready to leave your body, but…” He said.

“But,” I asked, arching my brow.

“But need help,” He said, and I chuckled.

“And you are planning to help,” I asked.

“Yes baby, …” He said, hovering over me.

“Ohhh, daddy…” I chuckled.

“So beautiful” His eyes darken with lust looking at my naked self.

“We will be going too late” I said when he tugged the nightgown around my leg.

“We have our chopper baby, We can't be late” He chuckled, nuzzling his nose in my neck.

“We are not going back by ship,” I asked.

“No, We will go back by chopper,” He said looking into my eyes.

“But why did you use the ship to come here,” I asked.

“I wanted to give you a glimpse of the beautiful place” He
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Comments (3)
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sofia rizoy
Until the last moment they can't be happy.Definitely bodyguard is from Ella who wants to hurt Jessica and Rose.Author very nice chapter.
goodnovel comment avatar
Pamela Wheeler
Please don't let Jessica be hurt. I think it's her body guard that's gonna try and hurt the Jessica.
goodnovel comment avatar
ED'Fheb Gandula Serra
don't let's the characters to be harm rose jess and duke at josh

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