Chapter 130

Joseph POV

“Ready, little one,” I asked Jessica before tugging the belt securely around her.

“Yes papa” She giggled.

“Are you good?” I asked Rose and she nodded.

“We are good to fly,” I said co-pilot, and our chopper start to take us back to Italy.

“It's beautiful…” Jessica told in her toddler's voice looking view from the window.

“Yes…” I smiled.

She and duke were busy seeing the view from the window, and I was busy looking at Rose. The morning sickness getting worst and that is troubling me.

“Do you want water?” I asked, adjusting her seat in a sleeping position.

“No, I am good, Don't take stress” She smiled squeezing my hand.

“Stop troubling your mama,” I said to the little budge on her stomach.

“He is not responsible” She giggled.

“Tell me if you want to eat something, You haven't had your breakfast,” I said.

“I am good, Will have fruits after a nap,” She said and yawned.

I covered her in a blanket and kissed her forehead and whispered “Love you”

The journey was tiring, but Jessi
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