Chapter 132

Joseph POV.

The cold wind caressed my cheek, but my heart was burning with fire. The fucker Gabriel was never an easy nut to crack, but he made sure to fuck with my mind when he knows that I wanted to meet him.

“Boss, He said he will be late” Angelo informed.

“He is doing it intentionally, let him enjoy,” I said, seating in the car.

I wanted to go back to Italy as soon as possible and finish this fucking talks with Gabe, but fucker just wants me to give a reason to kill him.

“What are my babies doing” I connected the video call to Rose. She was laying with Jess.

“Papa…” Jess giggled.

“We have girls' night tonight,” Rose said, smiling ear to ear.

“So, what do girls do on girl night,” I asked.

“Girl's talk” Rose rolled her eyes.

“What girls talk on girls' night,” I asked

“Dad… Hubby, It's private” She giggled.

“Papa, We were talking about a crush,” Jessica said, giggling.

“Rose…” The warning was visible in my tone.

“You reached” She changed the topic.

“Yes, going to the hotel” I replied
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ED'Fheb Gandula Serra
don't hurt rose author let's here back to the families
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sofia rizoy
very nice chapter and shocking

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