His Lust

“So my dear wife, What gift do you want for our first night,” He asked holding my chin.

“Please let them go” I whispered in a hoarse voice, the tear rolling down my cheek.

“A King never denies his Queen's demand,” He said, wiping my tears with his thump.

“Would you” I was shocked he is ready to let my family go?

“Yes, My queen” I smiled looking at him.

“But baby girl you know if you want something you need to give something back” He smirked.

“I don't have anything,” I said.

“You have everything I want,” He said, creasing my lips from his thump.

“What,” I asked back, Somewhere I know what he wants.

“Your virginity,” He said, inserting his thump in my mouth.


If you want to know the journey of Ryan's lust for Arina, The dark secrets of Ryan's life and how he going to claim her….and many more Steamy and Suspense of Ryan's life.

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Angela Mathis
This was a good book, but a little hard to read because of the language barrier.
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