Chapter 3: Help

The man who saw Daisy hurriedly hugging the boy to the bathroom. That man shouted out. "The boy is afraid of water."

Daisy gestured to the man. “I'll try a little of bit, hopefully, it'll be fine. I need clothe to get dressed.”

The man said, “I got it”. He brings out the boy’s clothes very quickly. Daisy hugged and carried him on her back.

To start making warm water. Warm water first, cold water later. She is so careful, just making water and reaching out to check the temperature.

Another hand constantly caressed the baby's back, comforting the baby. The child struggled, refusing to cooperate.

The cold-faced man "Don’t have a bath, throw you in the pigsty." The little boy immediately turned docile like a baby deer.

This helps Daisy a lot. This child has epilepsy and depression in the early stages, not too serious.

As long as the parents’ boy cooperate, don't be ashamed, try to hide his illness, they will soon find a solution, helping the child to get out of the darkness of life. He can live a normal life.

Water in the sink is more than a half. Daisy determined that the water was warm enough to have a bath, she smiles. Encourage the little boy to try once.

She made a series of symbols again. Took of the boy's body. Daisy's hand lightly tapped his leg.

Point into the basin of warm water. She said “enter”. The boy was shaking like a shitting dog. But under the man’s sharp eyes, the boy did not dare to protest.

The man was pretty embarrassed when he needed Daisy’s help, a stranger. So he wanted to do it himself.

Daisy thought: “Do you know how you take care of you? Look after the boy.” Seeing the man’s hands and legs were too clumsy, rude. Daisy waved her hand "no need". 

"You're only five years old, your hair hasn't grown enough yet, but you've already known how shy he is. 

The small child doesn’t allow her to take his underwear off. He doesn’t like being naked in front of others.

His awareness of his body is so good. Daisy  rubbed his boy’s ruffled hair, it was so soft, floating like a puppy dog’s fur." Daisy smiled.

The baby still clutched her shoulder by one hand, nails digging through four layers of clothes, painful. 

The smell on clothes. Forcing her to take her coat off immediately. Thinking of simplifies, wearing the inner layers.

But the taste of vomited food. In addition to, the smell of airplanes. Made her really want to take all of her clothes to have a bath.

The child gets used to the water. Daisy takes a wet towel and makes it dry. Try to wash his face, wipe his neck and shoulders.

There is no scoop in the bathroom. Daisy then used the cup for drinking milk before instead of.

Daisy scooped up some hot water and gave it to the baby. Set off a series of actions, cheering “come on.” 

The little boy holds a cup of water and smiles. Pour a cup of water over her body.

That's it, Daisy thought to herself. The backpack was full of food and drink, and there is no clothes to change.

Clothes are a bit wet, she can suffer but her wet underwear and bra make her sick. She feels uncomfortable anymore.

She really wants to cry but it was over. Anger is worthless. Apart from making things more chaotic and messy.

Daisy smiled, baring her teeth like sharks’ teeth. The little boy is startled and wanted to dodge, run away but could not escape Daisy's grip.

Scooped more than a half glass of water and poured it over the boy's shoulder. The baby runs around, struggling very hard to finish bathing. 

Using a towel to dry the baby. On Daisy's body is wetter than dried.

Daisy is not afraid of people on the plane discriminating. But this kind of wet clothes made her itchy and uncomfortable.

Daisy goes to the dehumidifier. Do the operation extremely manually. Wherever it's wet, fanning her hands. The small child hugs Daisy's feet to want to be tried.

Daisy immediately grants the child's wish. At this moment, the man's phone is ringing.

He was about to turn his back to go out, the child seems to sense something, uneasy, and grabbed his hand. 

Out of ways. Daisy hugs the child and follows after the man.

A middle-aged woman, wearing a janitor's uniform, stepped forward and handed him a bag. That guy took it. Then give it to Daisy.

“Clothes for you." The guy is also very quiet. Hurry up and treat yourself a bit. Look too sloppy. 

Daisy was too lazy to open her mouth to protest. She thought this is for whom. It's just that her fate is too unlucky. 

Wherever she goes, she usually meets something unpleasant. Tired of living and dying, not being able to say thank you is being hated.

In the past, when she was young and energetic, she would have a temper tantrum anyway and began saying so many reasons about all sorts of things.

In the stomach curses thousands of things. Went over many unlucky things, she has grown up a lot.

She saw they are in trouble. Voluntary help. It doesn't matter whether they thank you or not.

Go to society to earn money. What kind of person is there that she has never met? Those who are unlucky often to say bitter, spiteful words, with a temperament like a pufferfish.

To hide a weak, fragile, fragile soul in a deep soul. Need more sympathy, understanding, loving.

It's easy to say, but when bad things happen, Daisy is still a little numb in her heart, but only for a few seconds, her mood returns to normal.

The man was quite surprised by the woman's dumb attitude in front of him. He didn't mean to offend her.

But his sharp tongue, hateful speech seem to penetrate deeply into his bones and blood.

Daisy takes the paper bag, containing the clothes inside. Slowly open, head tilted to one side.

People hate the smell of old stuff. Daisy hates the smell of new things, it makes her sick. 

What she bought to home, she also ignored them, exposed to the wind and dew for a while until the smell goes away.

Take it home, boil through boiling water with lemon, lemongrass, ginger, tangerine peel, grapefruit peel, salt. They are used then.

“The clothes have been laundered. Do not add any other flavoring. Make sure it suits you.” The man says.

Daisy exclaims, “Oh, this man is not bad, but just even not bad. Because he is not alone to love freely.

The love is not born, is killed at once. Daisy just holds this as the romantic story in a few seconds.

The clothes issue is done. The next trouble comes. The child refused to let Daisy go alone.

Hate the man's hands reaching out towards him. Daisy looked at the man, long fingers , clear joints, smooth skin.

More beautiful than her hand ten times. Daisy is a little embarrassed, shy. This is the natural course of life.

When the bad confronts the beauty. The feeling of inferiority lurks somewhere, automatically jumps out. 

Even though she's experienced it herself. Always encourage herself "the bad hand is the hand of labor."

She is not a noble lady who lives a luxurious life. Nothing to do. The rice comes to the mouth, the shirt comes to spread the arms.

People with beautiful hands often work in an office environment. From childhood to adulthood, they rarely do manual and arduous work.

Daisy has no interest in digging into people's careers. Anyway, after getting off the plane, who goes their way, maybe never meets again, no need to concern about anything.

Daisy patted the boy's back, one another hand began to wave wildly. One hand touched the boy, pointing to the ground.

One hand points at her, toward the bathroom. Her head nods until her neck is tired. The kid keeps shaking his head.

The man "hm" a voice. Tears welled up in the baby's eyes, waiting to cry.

It takes Daisy about ten minutes to convince the baby. He finally nodded. Daisy let a sigh out. 

Compare to the other child patients who have refused every help, support. The small child in front of her is a good, kind, warm-hearted boy. 

The depressing thought of wanting to quit was also extinguished. The whole person was full of motivation and determination to the profession. Who knows, it might change something for a few less fortunate generations.

Daisy successfully entered the bathroom. Don't forget the oven, howling with the baby like a game of hide and seek.

The baby laughed loudly. While making the bathwater, Daisy keeps the door opening so the boy could see her.

She stands there and takes off her coat. The child also covered his face with his small hands.

Mouth sticking out tongue, head shaking as if to say "unbelievable. Too shameless.”

Before draining the water. There is one last layer. She waves to the child, asking him to close the door for her.

The child enjoys being the mini-hero outside the bathroom door. Turn your butt back to his uncle. 

Occasionally, use a small fist to punch the doorknob. Inside, there was a knock on the door.

Not only was the boy startled, but his feet take a step back. Even the man was equally surprised.

He turns around to talk to the little boy. “Women, taking a bath takes an hour at least. But it's not fast, please wait.

He reaches out and holds his watch in front of the child. Point to the long needle. As long as the needle goes to this number. She will come out.

The child's face was puffy, displeased, but in front of the man. The boy did not dare to lose his temper.

Just then, the bathroom door opened. Threaten the man with a fright. For the first time, he meets a girl bathing within three minutes.

Take a quick shower. Is it wet all over? The man wonders. Even he goes to the bathroom, at least half of an hour.

The child refuses to understand the man's heart. Happily, he jumps back, wraps her arms around Daisy's neck. At this time, the man saw. She pulled the basin of water closer to the door.

No wonder the baby knocked on her door and she responded immediately. A wonderful woman who treats strangers for the first time as her responsibility.

Daisy also gives the man a cheerful smile. An attentive man. Not only preparing enough outer clothes, underwear is also not lacking. Daisy was affected by the aftershock of the plane.

No more energy to do laundry. She only washes the outermost clothes. The next few sets are ignored. Roll it up, arrange stuff in the plastic bag.

From now on, Daisy is free to care, signaling the man to wash his face to stay awake.

He enters the bathroom but refuses to close the door. Daisy has no opinion. Keep the baby by the door, within his sight.

Child abduction, organ trafficking, everywhere. There's nothing wrong with being a little careful.

Anyway, she’s a stranger. The name is still unknown. Prevention is not wrong, pretty good.

Not only was she not sad, Daisy was also born with admiration. A father sacrifices everything for his children. If only her father was equal to the ten men in front of her.

Her family must have turned into a happy family. People who admire, not a family, talk about ridicule.

After the man finishes washing his face, he wipes his face with his shoulder blade a few times. When he is aware that Daisy is looking at him. 

He is a little embarrassed, and smiles back. Really lost the image. He thought to himself but did not know. 

Daisy, from the moment of the first meeting, classified him as a "beggar", a "poor" wandering the streets of the market. 

He does not think of it too much.

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