Chapter 3: Let the Game Begin

Sunlight crept from the balcony at the other side of the room, shining over the blanket wrapped around Ellena’s thin frame.

Somehow, everything happened last night felt like a dream or perhaps a nightmare, at least, until her hands slide across the silky sheets around her.

It wasn’t a dream, but her own cruel reality.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she turned to the bedside to see it was empty.

Edward didn’t return last night.

Although her heart was slightly relieved, she could not help but felt a little uneasy by his absence. It felt like a knife was hanging over her head and wouldn’t go away.

A part of her wanted to see him get it over with, but another part of her wanted to leave things as it was. Besides, she might feel pity for the scarred man, but she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

Down the stairs, a bodyguard came over and led her to the dining hall.

It was no secret that the Arnoult family was rich. With glistening chandeliers hanging from every corner and antique vases gleaming along the corridor, they could render anyone speechless. She wasn’t the type who easily amazed by the material possession, but it was too much.

The dining room was near the kitchen. As soon as she entered, she saw a tall and straight figure coming out of the kitchen with breakfast.

When he came out, she noticed that the man was none other than Nicklaus, who tried to kiss her last night!

Immediately she turned around, wanting to leave, but the man said aloud, “Sister-in-law, good morning.”

His voice was magnetic and pleasant, but a little light, enough to make her uncomfortable.  She took a step a step back, looking at his warm figure. She didn’t know if the daylight that made him look even brighter.

What the hell was going on? Why the heck he was here?

The bodyguard on the side shook his head. Why the young master was acting this way? Was he role-playing with the young lady?

Not wanting to ask, he simply continued his works.

Ellena was very disgusted to see him. Didn’t he have his own home? She really didn’t know what he was doing by staying at his cousin’s house every day.

“Morning.” She adjusted her glasses, and turned to look at the bodyguard behind her. “Is Your Young Master not here?”

The bodyguard carefully glanced at Edward, who had no expression on his face.

He had no choice but to carry on with this farce, “The young master has been sick recently and is still in the hospital.”

Ellena looked like a silly girl but it was almost impossible to lie her. Ever since she was young she had been suppressed by Madeline who always insisted on pushing her into shadows, making sure that she’d never grab the limelight of her siblings. That’s why she acted the way she did. She had to conceal her real strength out of sense of self-preservation.

The bumbling lies of the bodyguard did not fool her.

But Ellena didn’t question him any further.  Instead, she nodded her head, “Oh, can I go to see him there?”

“Now is not a good time.” The bodyguard said through his teeth, clearly not telling the truth.

Mm, it seemed that Edward didn’t like her very much, and didn’t even want to see her.

Edward put the breakfast on the dining table and asked lightly, “Let’s eat breakfast.”

When Ellena came here yesterday, she found no chef in the villa. She blinked and glanced at the plate of food in front of her. Did he make breakfast?

Although it looked delicious, she could not help but being a little cautious. After all she did not know this man at all.

“Why? Afraid of me poisoning you?” Edward leaned closer to her, his eyes filled with endless gloom, making her feel cold to even look at.

Ellena stepped back involuntarily, “Thank you for your breakfast, but I am not hungry.”

Not wanting to say anymore, she turned around and left. The last thing she needed to do was to interact with that psycho again!

Outside the room, she met the bodyguard who had picked her up yesterday from the Smith Family Villa in the lobby. “Hay, do you mind if you do me a favor?” She smiled hesitantly, “I’m going back to Smith’s house to get something. Can you please send me back?”

When she came over yesterday, she didn’t bring anything, so she had to go back and get clothes and some other belongings. On her way here, she noticed that the villa was built on a mountainside. She was willing to walk, but that would take too long.

The bodyguard was about to answer when he saw the shadowy figure behind her. He immediately shut his mouth.

When she turned around, she saw that “Nicklaus” had come out of the room too.

He put his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers and walked forward without any hassle. “So my cousin’s wife wants to go home to get something? It wouldn’t make sense to order anyone else if I’m around to help you, you know.”

The words fell, and his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

Ellena waved away his hand in disgust. “No, thank you.”

She didn’t understand. When he said she was ugly yesterday, why was he bothering her all over today. Was he crazy?

“Young Madam, why don’t you allow out Young Master to take you home?” The bodyguard on the side said promptly. “I have other works to run, so I might not be able to drop you off.”

She sighed. It seemed she had no other choice. “Fine.”          

“See? Was it too hard?” Satisfied by the outcome, Edward leaned said with a smile.

She looked coldly at him and stomped towards the parking lot without turning back.

During the drive, he had leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Your body feels so good when I touch it.”

She was afraid that he would do something even creepier, so she had no choice but to stay in the car and do nothing.

In the silent car, Ellena pulled the seat belt tightly, looking forward without squinting. She didn’t even take a glance at “Nicklaus”, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing her irritated. After all, wasn’t she married to his cousin? Wasn’t it improper?

When Edward saw her like this, he suddenly became even more interested in this woman.

Even though his new wife was ugly, she must at least be a relatively decent person.

Initially, he just wanted to tease her with his joke. However, her reaction was revealing a lot about her, so he decided to maintain the ruse so that he could learn as much as possible.

“Let the game begin.” He thought with a smirk.

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