Chapter 7: You Are Going to Do This

Edward also didn’t expect to meet Ellena here. With multiple gang members and criminals crawling under the shadows, it was not a safe place for women. Well, it was not a safe place for anyone no matter what, unless she’d like to be killed.

He was tracking a man to this place, but he didn’t expect to be attacked instead. At this point, it was impossible to run away. So they had to find a place to hide.

The dwellings were densely packed and the terrain was complex, so he quickly got disorientated, and it was almost impossible to tell where they were.

He tried to take one his attackers hostage and then use that man to get away, but somehow he encountered Ellena by accident.

But he didn’t know why, when he saw the tiny, dumb face of Ellena, he left an inexplicable sense of trust.

He put his gun away and fixed on her with his gloomy eyes. His voice was low and cold. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Although he had already put his gun away, she could still feel the cold remnants of hard metal rubbing against her forehead. Ellena was frightened to the point to tell the truth.

A flash of surprise flashed through Edward’s eyes. What? How could the child of Smith family live in a terrible place like this?

However, he soon remained his composure and coolly ordered, “Take me to your house.”

“Impossible!” Letting this man to her house was equivalent to sign a death contract!

“Fine.” Edward expected this before. He sneered and his voice was deep as a ghost, “Then do you want me to tell the dear cousin of mine that you seduced me?”

What? Seduced him? Did this man threaten her just now?

Ellena clenched her hands, her face was flushed with anger, but there was nothing she could do. Edward would definitely believe Nicklaus. After all they were cousins. So she had no option but to take this shameless man to her place.

“Fine.” Ellena turned around and walked down the way she came. “Follow me.”

This entire conversation had only lasted for one minute.

The two of them had just walked down the alley for a few seconds when a loud bang echoed across the streets. After that, two men in black showed up in the spot where they just were.

Ellena froze. She face paled even more.

As soon as Edward heard the footsteps, he reacted quickly and pulled Ellena into another alley and dragged her into a random room to stay in.

The house was already deserted, so there was no chance of getting caught. He put his finger on his lips, indicating her to be quite as he peeked by door hole.

They both waited in the room until the two men left and then he pulled Ellena out.

What the hell was that?

Ellena was nervous and worried, she didn’t know what kind of people “Nicklaus” had been provoking, but she knew it wasn’t time to interrogate him. So she forced herself to keep quite.

A moment later, they reached to Ellena’s small single apartment.

Ellena stood at the door and looked around like she was breaking into her own house. Seeing everything was right, the adrenaline in her veins dulled out and see retreated into the room.

She closed the door and turned around to ask, “What the hell are you…”

Before the next words of her could be come out of her mouth, she saw his tall body suddenly collapsed to the ground. He put one of his hands on his chest as if he was trying to restrain himself from moaning from pain. His forehead was covered with sweat.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?” Ellena’s expression changed instantly as she hurriedly walked over to help him.

However, Edward was too tall, his body was muscular and tight. Her small arms and legs not only could not lift him up but also got covered in blood.

Only then she saw the face of “Nicklaus” was as pale as a paper sheet. His black suit had hidden the fact very well that his whole body was covered by the blood.

“What? What happened to you?” Ellena widened her eyes and her words shuttered as well.

Looking at her flustered face, Edward suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand, and his thin lips parted, “What are you so afraid of? Relax! If I die, they will just bury you with me.”

His tone was so indifferent that it was hard to tell whether he was comforting her or threatening her.

Ellena also did not care to listen to him. She was thinking about the gunshot she had heard before and said with a straight face, “Get your hands off me. I’ll get my cell phone and call an ambulance for you!”

His face suddenly went dark as the grip on her hand become tighter. His voice was very cold. “No ambulance.”

With the way he spoke it was hard to argue with him. Her hands trembled as she asked with a tentative voice, “Then how about I bandage your wound?”

Edward ignored her directly and commanded in a deep voice, “Blade, lighter, candle, bandage, towel.”

He wanted to fetch the bullet by himself?

Thinking of this, Ellena shook her head in fright, “No! You can’t take the bullet yourself. It will kill you!”

“Who said that I am taking it myself?” Edward looked at her. His deep eyes were as thick as the dark night, like a black vortex. With one glance, he could suck people in.

Just when Ellena was almost sucked in by those eyes, she heard him faintly saying, “You are going to do this.”

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Gordon Reid
what you desperately need is a proof reader to correct all of the grammar and spelling mistakes prior to posting or publishing your stories!
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Kimberly Koetsier Ogden
Interesting book. I don't like all the typos, it makes it difficult to read sometimes.
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Sue Brown
I knew he would be trouble

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