Chapter 12: Believe It or Not

Ellena’s was disgusted by her words. Why this woman was so hostile toward her always?

“What are you talking about? It’s nonsense.”

“Nonsense? You don’t know what I am trying to say?” Naomi snorted in disdain as she crossed her arms. “Do you dare to admit that you don’t like Daniel?”

Ellena lowered her head and kept silent.

Naomi wasn’t wrong.

She had liked Daniel all these years.

Just as she was about to respond, Naomi suddenly exclaimed in shock. “Daniel?”

What? Daniel was here?

Ellena nervously turned her head back and saw Daniel was indeed standing behind her.

Did he hear what they talked just now?

She looked at him nervously. However, Daniel walked toward Naomi without looking at her.

It made her sure that he had heard their conversation.

Naomi was very satisfied with this reaction. “It’s okay, Daniel. Ellen

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