Chapter 177: At Least This Old Man Has Some Sincerity

Ellena looked around his room and touched it. She looked very curious.

At the corner of the desk, she saw a picture of a woman and a child together.

The picture was taken in the summer and the little boy in the picture was very beautiful. He was wearing a school uniform with short sleeves and shorts. He looked at the camera with a grin and a very bright smile.

The woman beside him was wearing a white dress. Her smile was gentle and there was a sense of transcendence in her calmness.

"That’s my mom."

Edward's hoarse voice came from behind.

Immediately after, his arms wrapped around her waist. His firm and warm chest pressed against her back. She was completely wrapped in the cold aura unique to Edward.

He used his free hand to touch the woman in the photo and slowly explained the source of the photo to her.

"That year during Children's Day, she went to my school to participate in the parent-child activity. After it ended, we took this photo."

Ellena turned back to look at him
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This book is not finished so please get the person that wrote the story continue, my question is Ellen' pregnant!? Who killed his mother!

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