Chapter 180: What A Deceitful Man!

“Yes." Edward's voice was casual. "Did you call me to tell me about this?"

"Not all of it."

"Then what else do you want to tell me?"

Edward sounded casual, but Ellena could tell something was not right.

"No more." She suddenly did not dare to mention Cyrus's matter.

"Where are you? I will come to find you." Edward picked up the car keys and walked out as he spoke.

"Where are you going?" Martin saw Edward walk out with the car keys and said in shock, "Are you going to fight with Cyrus? He is not in the company."

Edward ignored his nonsense and went out.

Edward said he wanted to find her, so Ellena could only find a restaurant near the tea house and wait for him.

She chose a seat near the window and looked outside from time to time. This way, she would be able to see Edward as soon as he came over.

Edward came. Soon, Ellena called him. He stopped the car and walked towards the restaurant.

Ellena had a fawning smile on her face. "What do you want to drink? I ordered a glass
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