Chapter 181: Director Collin Has A Crush On Movie King Cyrus

Ellena was stunned for a moment, then she raised her head and looked at Edward

Edward looked impatient. "You are too slow."

After saying that, he carried her bag with one hand and led her out with the other.

Ellena turned her head and looked at the hand that helped her carry the bag. She lowered her head and pursed her lips as she smiled gently.

Young Master Arnoult was also very considerate at times.

The two of them sat in the car. Edward started the engine and said casually, "Find a time and resign."

His tone was so casual that Ellena only realized what he was talking about after half a minute.

"Are you talking about me?" Ellena pointed at herself.

Edward turned to look at her. His eyes were calm. "What else?"

"Why did you suddenly ask me to resign?" His words were too sudden. Ellena was a little puzzled.

"You can't keep working in the Smith Group forever. It's a waste of time." His tone was firm and serious. "Besides, you're not happy working in the Smith Group."

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