Chapter 182: I Will Give You Three Seconds To Please Me

After Edward mentioned about her resignation, Ellena thought about it and decided to resign.

She stayed in the Smith Group to do some ordinary civilian work. Printing documents and organizing materials had nothing to do with her professionalism. If she continued to stay in the Smith Group, it's just a meaningless waste of time.

Ellena decided not to delay any longer.

Ellena quickly wrote her resignation letter and handed it to Jayden as soon as she went to work.

Ever since Jayden came back, most of the big and small matters in the company were handled by him. The big and small decisions had to be made by Jayden in order to make the final decision.

This was equivalent to Ralph no longer having any real power in the company.

Ellena pushed open the door and entered Jayden's office. She put the resignation letter in her hand on his desk. "Grandpa."

Jayden looked up and looked at the resignation letter. He thought for a moment and said, "What does this mean?"

"As you can see, I wan
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