Chapter 183: What You Are Doing Is Not Worth Making Fun Of

Three seconds was just the time she took a breath. She had no time to think of a way to please him.


She just asked him about Martin. Did she offend him just like that? He actually wanted her to please him?

Ellena only thought for a moment before Edward's voice sounded in her ear, "Three seconds are up."

Ellena's mouth twitched. She felt that Edward was becoming more and more strange.

Edward reached out his arm and lifted her chin to kiss her.

Half a minute later, Edward left her lips. He looked at her misty eyes and said in a lecturing tone, "Do you understand now?"

Ellena nodded slowly.

He expressed his purpose so tactfully. It turned out that he wanted to… kiss her!

Edward was in a good mood. He patted her head as if he was rewarded. "Wait for me in the car."

Then, he turned around and got out of the car.

Ellena only had time to lie by the window and ask him, "Where are you going?"

Edward only glanced at her and did not say anything. He walked straight towards the S
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