Chapter 243: She Must Pay the Price

Alfred frowned and said, "Let's eat first."

It had been notified early that Alfred wanted everyone to come for the lunch.

Although Alfred had retired, he was the head of Arnoult family and had absolute authority.

Everyone had to respect him.

Of course, except for Edward.

Even Alfred couldn't do anything to Edward.

Alfred was a conservative person and especially liked the new year.

When Ellena came over in the morning, Alfred had sent people to tell her that they had to stay here for a family reunion if there wasn’t anything that required urgent attention.

Tomorrow was New Year's Eve and the day after was the first day of the new year.

The Arnoult family was a big family. There would be many guests coming and going from the first day of the new year, so everyone had to be busy.

Cyrus was not at home for lunch today, so Alfred was naturally unhappy.

Ellena thought maliciously that if Alfred knew that Cyrus was going to pick Naomi up and get her out of prison today, she did not know how
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