Chapter 245: The Two Of You Must Be Well

When Edward returned to his room, Ellena was still asleep.

He had just smoked a cigarette, and the smell of smoke lingered on his fingers.

He put his coat on the bed, looked at Ellena, and went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

When he came out, he saw Ellena hugging the blanket and leaning against the bed. Her expression was dazed. It was obvious that she had just woken up and was not in the mood.

"You are awake."

Edward walked to the bed and sat down.

Ellena frowned. "Did you smoke?"

Edward was stunned. He did not expect Ellena's nose to be so sensitive, but he still nodded. "Yes."

He then added, "I only lit a cigarette and smoked a few times."

Ellena's nose was even more sensitive than when she was not pregnant before.

"I used to think you don't smoke." Ellena had never seen Edward smoking before, so she thought Edward did not smoke.

Edward smiled and didn't say anything.

He really didn't like smoking.

After all, smoking was harmful to one's health. He cherished his life.

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