Chapter 248: Two Of Them Were Not On The Same Level

Ellena did not know that Madeline went to look for her that time.

Edward did not mention this matter.

Because Ellena picked up the phone, her footsteps slowed down. She originally walked side by side with Edward, but after that, she was already two steps behind Edward.

When Ellena heard Madeline's words, she could not help but raise her head to look at Edward.

Edward felt that she did not follow and just happened to turn back to look at her.

Seeing her holding the phone and staring at him, he raised his eyebrows. "Come here quickly."

"Ellena?" Madeline's voice sounded on the phone, "Why aren't you talking?"

"If there's nothing else, then hang up." Ellena said coldly and hung up the phone. She walked to Edward's side.

Edward felt that she was in a bad mood. He frowned but did not ask any more questions. He just led her into the restaurant.

Ellena sat down in front of the table and did not look at Edward. She did not react when Edward put food on her plate.

It looked like she was comple
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