Chapter 249: As Long As They Know Who You Are

Ellena was a little surprised.

She first added a note to Natalie’s name. When she returned to the chat interface, she found that Natalie was typing.

The next moment, Natalie's message appeared on the screen.

"Ellena, you thought it through?"

It seemed that Natalie still remembered what she said before.

Ellena did not beat around the bush, "That's right. Then what you said before still counts?"

"Of course it counts."

Immediately after, Natalie sent her a message, "What kind of script did you write? Send me a part first, but I may not have time in the near future. I am still working overtime. Wait for my message. It might be after the Lantern Festival."

At first, Ellena felt that Natalie was a spoiled young lady who did not have her own opinions.

But now, she realized that Natalie might not be the kind of person who had a good view of the world in the ordinary sense, but she had her own set of life rules.

This world did not have absolute good or bad.

A person like Natalie had her own se
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