Chapter 250: Large Amount Of Blood

Frederick and Lauren were brother and sister. Judging from their interactions during these two days, their relationship was pretty good.

If the two of them were just walking and chatting normally, it would not be a big deal.

However, the two of them looked very suspicious as if they were afraid of being discovered.

Ellena pursed her lips and followed.

Because it was the New Year, there were fewer maids in the old residence than usual. They had just finished their New Year's Eve dinner and the maids were also having their New Year's Eve dinner.

Therefore, Ellena walked all the way and almost did not encounter any maids.

She followed Frederick and Lauren all the way and saw Frederick bringing Lauren to his own room.

When he closed the door, Frederick was still looking around the door.

Ellena was very vigilant and dodged to a corner.

When she came out again, he had already closed the door.

Ellena walked to Frederick's door and pressed her ear against the door to listen carefully to what
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