chapter 120



Can you try to remember that name of hers?" Mum asks nut with the look on he face i can tell she is in to something,

"She did say she is a friend something common but unlikely to be used"

"Perhaps her name is Monique?" Mum asks her lips trembling with fear as she places her hands she n her hips,

Mykes doesn't seem to understand a thing we both speak about but it's evident he cares and is just as worried as mum,

"Yeah that …, there it is that's right her name is Monique i did ask her who she is and she told me she is the friend of a friend, how do you know her perhaps you are the friend she speaks of?"

"No not me she meant Arthur and i know her by name and nothing more all i know is she did help Arthur imvu or so he had mentioned it to me but that also doesn't matter much right now what i want to know is what she told you"

"Why? Is she so important? I thought bit was a nightmare and nothing more"

"A nightmare … it's a nightmare then it must be dreadful and nothing
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