Marked  By The Hybrid
Marked By The Hybrid
Author: Crystal L

Chapter 1


“Are you excited?” Mum asked as she fixed my wedding dress. My green eyes met hers through the mirror, it was the one thing her and I had in common as I seemed to look nothing like her. Her hair was blonde while I was a brunette, she was taller and stronger than I was, while I was somewhat petite and shorter.

Fucks sake, I was a WOLF! We didn’t get married. Well, unless it was human, but this is a different case. The man is NOT human!

“Very, you’re making me marry a man who isn’t my mate. Not only that, the man would be mating with me, I would be forced to comply” I said looking at her through the mirror “and I don’t even need to mention that the man is a bloody mafia don! Of all the people that you could have chosen for me, you chose a bloody Russian Pakhan!”

“Natalia, you know that it is impossible for you to find a mate. You getting married to Damien would only make you stronger, why are you so angry about that?” Mum asked. I took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down as she reminded me of a fact that I had nothing to do with. I was punished for HER sin, and now I was paying for it too “mafia or not, the man has been fair with you since the engagement party. I haven’t seen or heard anything of him that seemed suspicious toward you…”

“Mum, how about we get this stupid dress done with, and we get out of here. I can’t argue with you about this any longer, and it seems like whatever I’ll say won’t make a difference anyway. Therefore, the faster we’re done with this bloody wedding, the better” I said stopping her, I turned to face her and she shook her head in disappointment at me; however, she didn’t bother answering me as she handed me my flower bouquet.

I had just graduated. I was hoping to go and complete my masters. But no, mum had to bring in that bloody man for me to marry, and the funny part was; she didn’t want me to state my mind about it. Fucks sake, she didn’t even ask my opinion about it. They just went on ahead, introducing us, and forcing us into a wedding as to keep his ‘public image’ intact.

The two of us walked out of the room and toward the hall where the wedding would be held. I would be walking down the aisle by myself. Not having a father or a pack to begin with; I had to fight back a sigh knowing that it would be both rude, and uncalled for. I always knew my fate, there was no need to start being a brat about it now.

I took a deep breath and put on my best smile before nodding at one of the security guards to open the door for me to walk out just as the music started playing. My eyes widened at the number of men and women who were seated, all of them from the Leonov side of the family, or family friends. The only members that I could consider my family were my mum, and my two best friends who were watching me from their seats. All three of them looking proud of seeing me walking down that bloody aisle, the aisle that ended with a death certificate, a Leonov one, one that you couldn’t easily get out of as far as I understood.

I looked at him.

The man that I was destined to be with.

His eyes met mine and he smiled. His smile not reaching his eyes. Of course, why would a hybrid, and a Pakhan want to be with me.

His family had arranged this wedding for him just as mum arranged it for me. When all was over, each of them would end up going back to his normal life while the two of us would be forced to comply and live with one another. However, being wolves, our wedding wasn’t valid until we’ve mated, and knowing what was to come; I couldn’t help but want to shy back and run.

He took my hand as I reached him and pulled me to stand in front of him. His blue eyes landing on my green ones before he cupped my cheeks and kissed my forehead, making a show for his guests.

“Welcome over, little wolf”


I wrapped my arm around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist. The two of us swaying to the music, making sure to keep our smiles on our lips despite them not reaching our eyes.

“Natalia?” My best friend called from behind me. I looked at Damien for permission, already knowing my place, and the man nodded, unwrapping his arm from around me and allowing me to head to my friend who had a box in his hand. He handed me the small box and I smiled opening it.

“Kyle” I said as my eyes watered when I opened the box. It had a crystal necklace, carved as a wolf. Kyle wasn’t a wolf himself, but he was by my side when I shifted for the first time. Thankfully, he didn’t consider me a monster when that happened, and stuck beside me since.

“Congratulations, love” he said as I hugged him tightly. I had to fight back crying as not to mess his shirt with my makeup. He pulled away and wiped my tears before kissing my forehead “take a good care of her, Damien. She’s a precious jewel, and I’m sure you’ll know how to treat her right”

Damien simply nodded in response, wrapping his arm around me as he pulled me from my friend to his side. His eyes were fixed on the necklace for a second before he slowly removed it from the box and put it around my neck for me “a necklace from a friend, is to be put on as a memory of the night”

“You speaking of riddles like this is getting old” I whispered under my breath. The man has spoken his first riddle when we first met, and despite not understanding it, he didn’t bother explaining it to me, and if I were being honest; I didn’t bother asking about it to understand anyway.

“Why? Isn’t a girl’s wedding her best memory?”

“When she wants it, and last I checked; the two of us aren’t even supposed to have a wedding” I said turning to face him “unless you’re not the hybrid that you claim to be”

“Well, consider yourself lucky; you wore the white dress every girl opts for, and you’re going to be mated like any wolf would” he whispered leaning toward my ear “and only then will I show you the hybrid that I claim to be”

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(marked by the hybrid) good introduction so far. New book to read. Yay!
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Daisy Nieves
it's good novel
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Dani Reece
it's okay.

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