Chapter 2


I watched as my wife said her goodbye before she approached me. Her emerald green eyes meeting my blue ones. I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to me, knowing that people were still looking at us. The woman was doing her best to act normal despite being forced into this just as I was.

“Smile, little wolf, people are still watching” I whispered before hugging her and kissing her forehead. She put her hand on my chest, right over my beating heart, and I smiled. People took us pictures and the two of us made sure to make our pictures look as presentable as possible. We both knew that our wedding would be spoken of everywhere, being who I was, the two of us knew that we had to hold our proper image.

“Thank you for the unneeded reminder” she said pushing me away. I kept my arm wrapped around her as we both walked toward the limo. Her mum was headed to the airport as to head back to London. I had tried getting the woman to stay back beside her daughter knowing that she would be staying alone there, but it seemed like the woman had her own plans, and whatever they were; she didn’t bother sharing them with me. But I wasn’t blind as not to see that her and her daughter didn’t have the best of relationships.

“Natalia, are you sure it’s a good idea that your mother leaves alone? She would be staying alone there…”

“It’s her desire, you know that, Damien. Thank you for the offer though” she said before the two of us turned to leave. I looked at her mother one last time before opening the car’s door for her. She got inside the car and I got inside after her, the two of us waving at the guests as the driver took off. The man kept his eyes on the road and I knew for fact that he was waiting to listen to something as to give mom as information; it was why she had hired him to drive us to begin with. However, mother didn’t know that I had my car parked upfront at the hotel, waiting for my and my wife’s arrival as to dismiss her little spy.

The two of us went quiet for most of the drive, and I smirked putting my hand on hers, running my finger over her palm making her tense “we just eloped, malyshka, I believe that you should brighten up. We’ll be mating soon…”

“Don’t you think that us mating when we barely know one another would be wrong?” She asked as she looked at the driver. I closed the window between us, not letting him hear what we were talking about, giving my ‘wife’ and I our privacy. I looked at her and she looked down on her lap avoiding my eyes.

I put my finger under her chin, leaning closer to her, wanting to feel her lips against my own. Our kiss on the wedding was a mere peck, but the spark that I felt was one like no other; I couldn’t help but feel whole when it happened. I could tell that she was resisting the attraction, her mind was fixed on the fact that she couldn’t find a mate; she didn’t want to give anyone the chance to actually be with her.

“You need to relax, malyshka, you tensing the way you are wouldn’t change anything. You’re already my wife” I whispered against her lips. My lips brushed hers, our breaths mixing before she pulled away. I smirked as her heart raced against her ribcage before she sat back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Keep resisting, little wolf. You’ll be claimed as my own eventually”

“You need to understand one thing, Damien” she said glaring at me. I raised an eyebrow at her, waiting for her to proceed as her heart raced against her ribcage as she took a deep breath to calm herself “if you’re expecting me to submit to you, then you’ll need to think again”

“And you’ll need to understand something, little wolf” I said raising an eyebrow at her “if I’m being lenient with you as not to claim you in this car right now; then it’s because I want you to be comfortable. But don’t test your luck with me, I’m an Alpha, and you know what that means”


The two of us entered the hotel’s room.

Our parents have arranged for us to be alone. It was for us to complete the mating, but they didn’t understand that I couldn’t claim the woman when she couldn’t handle it. It was something that we both needed to be prepared for, and I would want her to want it just as much as I did.

I looked at the view and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it. The room was looking over the whole city, and I couldn’t help but feel excited to see the city view at night. The hotel was one of the businesses we owned, but seeing as mom arranged it for the two of us. I saw Natalia looking out the window as well, the view catching her breath.

“I’ll leave you to change, if you need anything just let me know” I said softly. She jumped at the sound of my voice before turning to face me, looking down at her feet, avoiding my eyes and I sighed “don’t worry, Natalia, I won’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with. I don’t take a woman against her will, go and get ready, the two of us will go and have dinner; I’m guessing that you’re hungry”

“Thank you” she whispered, her heart racing against her ribcage as she looked around the room, clearly noticing that there was one bed in the suit.

I nodded not saying a word as I watched her taking her bag to the bathroom with her, locking the door after her and I sighed sitting on the edge of the bed. The urge to claim her was high, the way she avoided my eyes, her shy figure, her eyes looking into my own, and knowing that she was a virgin, I should thank her mother for that little detail, made my wolf growl protectively as I knew that she was mine to claim and mine alone.

She opened the bathroom’s door and I frowned in confusion when I saw that she was still in her wedding dress “can you please help me with the zipper? I couldn’t get it off”

I nodded and vampire sped behind her making her gasp, her body tensing as my finger brushed her back. I pulled her to me gently, my breath hitting her shoulder as I leaned closer to her. I could hear her heart racing against her ribcage and I had to fight back turning her around to claim her as my own.

“There you go” I whispered letting her go once the zipper was opened.

“Thank you” she said turning the face me before heading to the bathroom. She held on her dress as for it not to fall, and I was thankful for that; had it fell, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself.

“You’re welcome, little wolf” I said once she closed the door “you’re welcome”

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(Marked by the Hybrid). I love this book. It’s sweet, sexy and tense. The patience Damien has for Natalia; although he is Alpha and he could; he isn’t.

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