Chapter 5


I frowned in confusion when I opened my eyes to find that I was sleeping on the bed.

“Good morning, little wolf” Damien’s voice broke my trail of thoughts. His back was to me as he took a sip of what I could sniff out as whiskey.

“Isn’t it too early to be drinking?” I asked.

“I don’t know, is it?” He asked sarcastically. He got up from the couch and turned to face me, his eyes hard unlike they were last night. However, I couldn’t blame him, the argument we had before I slept gave me a hard time getting some shut eye. I removed the blanket from over my body, and glared at him.

“Need I ask why I was asleep on the bed?” I knew that my question took the man off guard as he seemed to frown in confusion that I was angry about that. But he didn’t seem to understand that it was HIS bed, and I didn’t nee him acting like a gentleman.

“Oh, I’m sorry, next time I’ll be sure you’re sleeping on the floor” Damien snapped “you’re playing with fire, little wolf. I was being genuine and kind enough with you last night, but if you believe for one second that I was being weak; then you and me are going to have a problem”

“I was not going to share a bed with a man that I didn’t know”

“And had I claimed you as my own last night? What would you have done, little wolf? Or would you have gotten up…”

“What do you want, Damien? What exactly were you expecting? A submissive wife? I bloody told you, I will NOT submit to you. You can go find a different woman to do that for you…” my eyes widened when I was suddenly pinned against the wall. My chest to the wall as Damien stood behind me, his hot breath on the back of my neck.

“Consider this as my final warning, Natalia, remember your place; otherwise, this will end badly” he ran his fangs over my vein and I closed my eyes in both fear, and dare I say it, pleasure. I couldn’t believe the effect he was having on my body with just small actions like this one. But my wolf who was normally quiet, whimpered.

Damien sighed and took a step back, slowly turning me around to face him, keeping me pinned against the wall “I know that you’re not used to being in a pack, or having an Alpha. But you’re to be my Luna, and you need to act like it, Natalia”

I looked down at my feet avoiding his eyes. But Damien seemed to have other plans when he put his finger under my chin, raising my face, making me look at him. His eyes were gentle, letting me know that he wasn’t angry with me, well, not as angry as he was a few seconds ago. I could hear his racing heart which matched the pace of my own “lesson one, little wolf; you don’t challenge your Alpha, lesson two; as my Luna, you are to keep that beautiful head of yours high, you are my pride as a Pakhan and a wolf, you needn’t forget that, and lesson three; I never asked you to submit to me, but I will expect the respect that I’m giving you to be mutual, is that clear, little one?”

I nodded not saying a word. It seemed like my whole body was paralyzed as I looked the man in the eye. He smiled and nodded before letting me go, and taking a step back “there are a few dresses coming in a bit. They’re all yours, but I would like you to choose one to wear tonight”

“Where are we going tonight?” I asked taking a step away from the wall. Both Damien and I walked toward the kitchen where I wanted to make myself a mug of coffee “coffee?”

“Yes, please. One of the Leonov hotels is having a grand opening tonight, and I want you by my side as my wife there” Damien’s words made my heart drop to my stomach “are you okay?”

“I don’t know what you people do…” I started not knowing how to form the proper sentence “if anyone asks me a question, or says anything; I might not be able to answer”

“Don’t worry, malyshka, I’ll be by your side throughout the whole night. But all I ask from you is NOT to stir a problem as we would be the center of attention, and being newlyweds would also have its impact; especially since we got married on short notice” I nodded as I processed what Damien said and he smiled standing behind me as I filled the kettle, putting it to heat. He placed his arms either side of me on the counter, caging me in his arms and laying his chin on my shoulder “you need to relax, little wolf. You’ll be attending a lot more events by my side, and you might even be going to them on your own, representing me if I wasn’t around in the future”

I turned around, facing him. Damien smirked and raised me to sit on the counter, slowly pushing the kettle aside as not to hurt me, Damien spread my legs using his thigh and settled between my legs, his lips inches from my own “how are you sure that you could trust me with such a thing?”

My voice was above a whisper as I spoke, my heart racing and my body heating as Damien’s body pressed against my own, his arm wrapping around my waist, pulling me to him. He slowly grinded himself against me making my eyes widen at the heat that suddenly traveled down my body “you’re my wife, if I didn’t want to trust you to represent me, would I ever be giving you a chance?”

Damien’s lips connected with my own in a soft kiss, giving me the time to kiss him back. His arms wrapping around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck, deepening the kiss. The kettle sounded as it shut off, but Damien didn’t seem to care as he ran his hands up and down my body, feeling my curves under his palm. His heart racing as a breathy moan escaped my lips against his own.

The bell rang breaking the trace that I fell into, forcing both Damien and I apart. Damien cursed under his breath before he composed himself, heading to the door leaving me alone on the counter. My heart raced against my chest as I fought back the forming smile on my lips. I touched my bottom lip with my finger, shaking my head at the man I called my husband. He walked back in the kitchen as I hopped off the counter, nodding at me to follow him.

“What about the coffee?” I asked.

“Leave it for a few minutes, I have something to show you” Damien said and I nodded walking toward him. He put his had on my lower back, and I couldn’t help but arch my back at the contact, flinching making him frown; however, I was thankful that he didn’t comment about it.

“Hang them there, and leave please” Damien said looking at the maids who were holding the dresses. The maids nodded and hung them on the clothing racks as Damien had instructed, my eyes widening at their beauty. The maids walked out of the suite, leaving both Damien and I alone in the room once again and I shook my head at him “you don’t like them?”

“No, it’s not that. The dresses are gorgeous” I said walking toward one of them, it was a royal blue one, one that I’ve seen in a magazine a month back with mum.

“But?” Damien asked waiting for me to continue.

“Do you really believe that I would be able to fit between all those fancy ladies?” I asked. Damien laughed and vampire sped toward me taking me by surprise, only this time, he didn’t pin me against the wall, he just stood in front of me.

“Not only would you fit between them, but you would be the most beautiful among them all”

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(Marked By The Hybrid). Damien is showing his nice side to Natalia; although she is still defensive. I can’t wait to see them getting along better. Sweet story.
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Karen Tubal
nice story..would love to read more

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