Chapter 7


I looked at Damien as he walked out of the veranda. The man’s eyes were filled with rage, not to mention his racing heartbeat which I could hear due to my sensitive hearing.

Damien wrapped his arm around my shoulder the second he reached me, his eyes not meeting mine; though I could hear his racing heart.

“Alpha” Sebastian, his beta said looking at him. His brown eyes met my husband’s blue ones, clearly waiting for him to give him whatever other order he wanted to give. Damien, despite having his arm wrapped around me, clenched and unclenched his fist as an attempt to calm himself down.

“I want you to check the whole building for the bastard. I don’t want him in the perimeter, and if you do spot him; throw him out, or kill him. Both options work fine for me” Damien said angrily. Sebastian nodded not saying another word as Damien pulled me from where I was standing, walking around the gala as he scanned th

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Queen Kia
So far so good ... & I love the characters personalities
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robyn ward
so far I really like this book!!

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