Chapter 8


“What is this place?” Natalia asked looking around the outdoor restaurant I took her to. Her eyes were wide when she saw the table the waiter guided us toward, and having left her jacket at the gala, it was my fault for liking her scent on mine and refusing to go back and getting hers, she was wearing my jacket.

I pulled out her chair and watched as she took a seat, smiling at her calm heartbeat before kissing the crown of her head. She let out a breathy laugh as I did, and I walked toward my chair, sitting in front of her. The dim lights around us made the scene a whole lot more romantic than it already was. Flowers were placed on every table as well as candles, the floor was also covered with petals which swarmed around us with the wind giving it a magical aroma.

“This, my beauty, is one of the best romantic spots here at New York. I figured since I ruined the night at the gala, might as well make use of it since the night is still yo

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It *will be taken. Noticed this mistake several times already. Just an fyi!

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