Chapter 12


“What do you mean, new partner?” I asked glaring at Alberto who showed me a shares contract. My eyes widened and I had to fight back ripping the paper in half as I read through it knowing that he had the original copy of it anyway.

“Aunt Isabella sold me a part of her shares of the hotel, and I am now your new partner” Alberto said calmly. Him, Christopher, and I were inside my office right now, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the soundproof walls of this office.

“That explains why you showed up at the wedding being confident” I said angrily. Christopher’s eyes met mine and he shook his head at me not wanting me to make any sudden movements. He knew my anger, and he knew that I could easily try shooting the man, and it didn’t matter to me whether or not we were inside the office.

“Exactly, it seems like your beloved mother would do anything to fix her relationship with mamma, and beli

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