Young Master
Young Master
Author: Rias Ardani

Party Event

Young Master


An old hut, a silent witness to Amelia's hatred and anger. 

This woman hates her own daughter-in-law, Jeremy. For Amelia, this man is not just poor. But also bad luck to his family.

"Jeremy, get some hot water ready! I want to take a shower."

It was her habit, screaming in the morning, if Jeremy was slow to get her some warm water for her bath.

Jeremy, who had been busy carrying water from the river, felt very tired.

"Husband, you look so tired, take a rest first," said Esmeralda, Jeremy's wife, the woman who loved him so very much. 

"It's okay, I'm used to it!" said Jeremy. Just by looking at his wife's face, Jeremy was able to forget the pain in his heart.

"Jeremy, hurry! Don't be slow like a snail," shouted Amelia, who suddenly came closer.

Jeremy hurriedly put down the container of water he had brought from the river.

 "Mother, please don't be so rude to her." Esmeralda rebuked Amelia gently.

"You don't have to keep defending this loser. Everywhere, the man's job is to work. As for him? Become a loser."

"Mother...." Esmeralda looked at him disapprovingly.

Jeremy took his wife's hand.

"Already!" he said softly.

Esmeralda took a shaky breath, and left the back of the house, to go back into her room.

He looked up at the ceiling, his heart tightened. Since she married Jeremy Mose. 

His extended family hated and abandoned them. Mike Tones and Rose Tones want her to marry the man of their choice.

But Esmeralda refused. Because, he already accepted Jeremy Mose's proposal at that time. 

The man who saved her from a terrifying death.

Esmeralda who was on vacation with her college friends.

Had an accident, which almost took his life. But it was Jeremy, a stranger who wanted to save him from death. 

"Honey! You get ready, we are going to Grandpa and Grandma's palace. Today is their wedding anniversary." Amelia said in the doorway of Esmeralda's room.

"I'm not coming!" he said coldly.

 "You have to come. Do you want, we really dumped them?" Amelia forced her son. 

"Mother has always been like this." Esmeralda felt annoyed, but did not have the courage to resist her mother's insistence.

They also have breakfast. 

"Honey, you bought a present today. We're going to Grandpa and Grandma's palace."

 Esmeralda said to Jeremy.

 "What? You intend to take this loser? Are you crazy? You want to humiliate us even more?" Amelia shouted in annoyance.

 Hate, she hates this son-in-law so much. If it weren't for Jeremy Mose, they might still be living in that luxurious Tones palace.

But in reality? They were expelled and wasted. 

"Honey, you go with Mom and Dad! Just let me stay at home," Jeremy said.

 Jeremy flashed a smile, so that Esmeralda would know that she was fine, even though her heart always hurt with her mother-in-law's words and insults.

"Jeremy's still coming, I'll have some friends, Dad."

 Amelia gawked, her usually silent husband, now joined in defending the loser Jeremy.

But he was reluctant to continue fighting. In the end he just let Jeremy go. 


At the Tones palace, the wedding anniversary, was held very lavishly and festively. 

Various circles of important people came. Tones' relatives also gathered at the event. 

Esmeralda stepped into the building, where the entire family, relatives and influential people in the city of Monarchs gathered. 

"Wow, look at that, Esmeralda." Khan Tones, who was Esmeralda's male cousin, greeted her with a look of disdain.

Esmeralda kept walking, even though all eyes were on her. 

"You know what? This beautiful woman is my cousin. But sadly, she married a loser. A man who doesn't earn, sad." Khan Tones mocked and insulted her, as well as her husband.

Seeing the figure of Jeremy who also turned out to be with him, entered the building. With Esmeralda's Dad. Khan Tones smiled evilly. 

"Wow, you're quite confident that you and your family come here. What's this? Do you want to have a nice ride?" sneered Khan Tones. 

Rose, who is the grandmother of the Tones family, was embarrassed. 

"Who invited the man?" he shouted with emotion. 

Esmeralda's body shook violently, her emotions running high. How could she, her own family, insult and treat her and her husband.

"Grandma, my family and I came here, to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's wedding day, not to be embarrassed." Esmeralda said in a disappointed tone.

Rose Tones snorted. "I don't care, as long as you bring that loser man, I still don't think your intentions to come here are good." 

Esmeralda's eyes filled with tears, while Amelia Tones, she was like a brush shrimp this time. It's hot and feels like it's going to explode.

Plakk .... a hard slap, landed on Jeremy's cheek. Everyone laughed at him, including Khan Tones.

"Mother...." Esmeralda was disappointed, seeing her mother's actions. "Get out you loser! You're just embarrassing my family!" Amelia shouted. Khan Tones laughed even louder. Jeremy rubbed his cheek which felt stiff and sore. 

Esmeralda trotted over to her husband. 

"Pain? I'm sorry," Esmeralda whispered in a sob. 

Jeremy took his wife's hand, which was gently caressing her cheek.

"It's okay," he said with a small smile.

"Enjoy the show, I'm out first, waiting for you at the gate," said Jeremy softly. 

"No, I'm coming."

"No, you stay here." 


"Esmeralda, let this loser out, he's not our family," Amelia said, pulling Esmeralda's hand. 

As for Esmeralda's father, he could only remain silent. This man already understands very well what the character of the Tones family is like.

Jeremy leaves the building feeling angry and resentful. 

Images of his past flashed through his head again. Everything looks the same, the rulers always act arbitrarily. 

Until the moment he stepped foot away from the Tones palace building. Several men dressed all in black followed in his footsteps. 

"Smash the man," shouted someone, directing orders, at the men in black.

 Jeremy is surprised, when some people attack him suddenly.

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Carmel Lito Jorge
How could any reader enjoy a supposed to be good story but with a jumbled up English with a very poor grammar???

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