Some of the men in black, carrying wood, to beat Jeremy.

Jeremy Mose kept trying to dodge, even though in truth, he could have fought him.

"Stop it!" shouted the pot-bellied man, in sunglasses and a hat he was wearing.

His appearance was so quirky, like a head thug.

"Don Lee," Jeremy whispered.

The man in black, who was five in number, stopped.

When looking behind the old man, there were two people, holding firearms in their hands, and aiming at the five of them.

"Who are you?" shouted the man who had ordered, to beat Jeremy Mose.

"Don Lee, the supreme leader of the notorious Mose family, from Yuzong city."

The man who was the leader of the men in black was surprised.

Who doesn't know Don Lee? A ruthless man, John Mose's right hand man, the leader of a business empire in Yuzong city. Whatever he can do, even buy the law once.

"I'm sorry! I was only carrying out orders!" shouted the man in front of Jeremy. Immediately, the six people in front of Jeremy bowed down.

"Kill them!" said Don Lee. Without making another sound, the six people were shot dead on the spot.

Jeremy Mose was taken aback.

 "Crazy," shouted Jeremy Mose. "You don't have to be that cruel," he snapped.

"They harm you!" said Don Lee, without any remorse.

"Bullshit." Jeremy growled angrily.

"How did you get here? What's your goal?" shouted Jeremy Mose back in a loud voice.

"I came to Monarchy, because Grandpa John Mose, bought the company Giant Company Group in Monarchy, and intends to expand his business empire. And Giant Company Group, will be given to you."

"To me?" Jeremy was still confused.

"That's right, young master. Your presence in the Monarch City is well known to the Chief."

Jeremy looked away.

"You know very well, don't you? My mother hanged herself, and my father had a heart attack. And myself? Must be a parasite in someone else's family."

Jeremy took a breath.

All of that, because of the vile slander of greedy people. Including Uncle Alberto. Should I accept Grandpa's kindness? When he had the heart to throw us away at that time."

"Forgive the misunderstanding, young master."

Jeremy laughed out loud. "Grandpa must have a point! There's no way this is a misunderstanding."

Don Lee was silent.


Rose Tones and Mike Tones really enjoyed their 65th wedding anniversary.

The grandchildren and their children, hand over lavish gifts, just to please the parents, who are in full control of the Tones company.

"Grandma, I love you, please accept my present," said Khan Tones, handing him a diamond necklace, which sparkled beautifully.

Rose Tones smiled, accepting a lavish gift from her grandson.

 "This is for you! Grandma and Grandpa, may your marriage be together forever." Albert Tones, gave a limited edition mini suitcase car key.

The faces of both parents were smiling.

Then it was Esmeralda's turn, who was the youngest granddaughter, among others.

"This is for you, Grandma! May you two always be a happy couple."

Rose Tones frowned when she found the gift, which was only a 24-carat white gold ring.

"Cheap gift," he chimed in, making Esmeralda blush.

"Hahaha, how can she afford to give such a lavish gift! That woman is busy supporting her useless husband!" sneered Albert Tones.

"You're right, you see, they are very poor and ah, poor," said Khan Tones chimed in.

Esmeralda walked unsteadily, a feeling of shame overtook her. Amelia sobbed, seeing her daughter humiliated.

"It's all because of Jeremy, when are you going to divorce that guy," Amelia shrieked, as Esmeralda sat down beside her, her eyes bloodshot.

"I love my husband, I never thought for a moment, to divorce him."

Esmeralda said with a straight face.

"You stupid child!" Amelia smacked Esmeralda in the head with her finger.

"Open your eyes! We were unlucky all this time, when you chose that guy."

"I don't care about wealth and power, Mom! I sincerely love my husband. In fact, we aspire to have many children. When will you stop disturbing our lives," shouted Esmeralda.

Until all eyes turned to him.

The woman stood up from her seat, and stepped away from Amelia, who was taken aback by he daughter's attitude, who dared to yell at her.

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