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Esmeralda ran from the Tones palace building. 

She cried, hurt and humiliated in front of the crowd today, she will never forget, her heartbreak tonight deepened. 

Jeremy who was waiting for him, not far from the Tones building was amazed. Seeing her husband, Esmeralda immediately ran fast and hugged her husband tightly.

"What's wrong with you?" asked a confused Jeremy.

Esmeralda sobbed, she didn't know how to explain her current pain.

"Honey, calm down, okay." Jeremy gently stroked the back of his wife, who was shaking violently. 

Jeremy was sure, Esmeralda must be experiencing humiliation again. Jeremy's feelings become indecisive, should he accept his grandfather's gift and become the ruler?

Or stay like this? Become a loser in the eyes of his wife's family.

 However, power is not simple. Many greedy people, play a role in it. 

Given the tragic death, both of his parents, of course Jeremy is not easy, taking his grandfather's kindness for granted. 

"They insulted my gift," sobbed Esmeralda. 

Jeremy felt even more slapped. If only he were rich, it might not have been the white gold his wife had given him.

Even the latest edition of the bag, he was able to give. Jeremy looked down at the business card in his hand. "Don Lee" The old man, still couldn't come to an agreement with Jeremy.

Until, Dont Lee gave him the business card, so that later, if Jeremy needed to be with him, it would be easy to contact him.

"Forgive my shortcomings," Jeremy whispered, hugging his wife from behind. 

Esmeralda stared into the dark night. His heart aches, when he remembers the insults for the insults of his family.

"It's okay, insulting is their right," said Esmeralda. 

"The important thing is that you stay by my side, I'm already happy," he continued, holding Jeremy's hand gently. Jeremy smiled, but his heart was troubled. 


After breakfast, Esmeralda and her father went to work. In the old house, there were only Jeremy and Amelia, the mother-in-law who hated her so much. Seeing Jeremy sitting, after cleaning the kitchen, Amelia felt even more emotional.

 "Jeremy, can you find a job? How long have you been like this, being a burden to the family?" Amelia snapped. 

"Okay Mom, tomorrow I will look for work."

 "You have to, and I'm sick of it, if you stay home." 

Jeremy was silent.


Esmeralda comes home from work, she cries in the room, leaving Amelia and Jeremy confused.

"What is it?" asked Jeremy. 

Esmeralda sobbed. "They took my position," he replied. "Now, I'm in the cleaning service."

What?" Amelia was surprised. How could it be, his parents had the heart to treat Esmeralda, who was also his granddaughter. 

"Jeremy, it's all because of you! You bastard," cried Amelia in frustration. 

"Never mind, Mom! It's true that your family doesn't like us." Esmeralda replied angrily. 

"Don't keep blaming my husband."

Amelia sighed, wanting her to scream again. But seeing Esmeralda's current condition, it didn't seem like the right thing to do, Amelia chose to leave. Jeremy felt more and more uncomfortable, and finally decided to meet Don Lee at the Giant Company Group.


 "What is it, sir? Why do you have to hide your identity?" Dont Lee was confused, with his Master's request. Don Lee objected, with conditions that Jeremy put to Debara, who was Jeremy's assistant. 

"That's my decision! If the two of you dare to reveal my identity, then I will not hesitate to eliminate you both."

Don Lee shuddered in horror. The old man certainly knew very well that Jeremy was a martial arts expert, as well as a sniper. 

In the Mose family, Jeremy has always excelled, when it comes to karate.

Don Lee and Debara agreed. Sooner or later, he would definitely be found out. But before that happens, he plans to move out of the country, after he has accumulated a lot of money.

 Jeremy started looking at some work proposals. His eyes fell, on the file, which read Tones. 

"Debara, does our company, cooperate with Tones enterprise?" 

"Proposal of cooperation, young master, the person in charge is lord Khan." "reject!"

Debara was a little surprised, but she just followed her master's request.

 Jeremy who does have hacking skills, is now starting to hack the Tones enterprise. His heart was angry, when he remembered his wife was treated unfairly. 


Jeremy smiled with satisfaction, when he saw the news in the media, that Tones enterprise, suffered a huge loss, due to the entry of hackers who were not easy for them to know the culprit.

 "Khan...." Mike Tones shouted, over the phone. Khan answered the call nervously.

 "Why did our security system get hacked by hackers?" shouted Mike Tones.

Khan was confused to answer, he who was the highest person in charge of the company, even had fun drinking in an apartment with his friends.

 The man took the opportunity, when the grandfather was not at the company.

Until the time of the hack, Khan Tones was not fully conscious.

 The influence of alcohol, made him unable to concentrate, in dealing with his company's problems.

So, that big loss, Tones Enterprise can't avoid. Even Esmeralda, who knew this, was silent, not really caring about the current state of her family's company.

Being hated and discriminated against, of course, it made his conscience begin to die. Khan Tones was getting more and more confused. 

"Grandpa, this must be Esmeralda's doing!" accused Khan Tones.

 "What's the deal? This is purely your negligence! As the leader of the company, you should be able to handle this. But why? That hacker was able to break into our company, and cause no small amount of loss." Mike Tones roared angrily. 

"Grandpa, yesterday I just made Esmeralda a cleaning service company. And today, suddenly our company was hacked by someone. I believe, it was Esmeralda's order." Khan Tones tried to be strong, scapegoating Esmeralda.

"Who gave you the rights? Made Esmeralda a cleaning service." 

"Grandpa, I'm just following Grandma's orders." Mike Tones was getting annoyed. For some reason, he felt the same suspicion.

Khan Tones managed to wash the old man's mind. For some reason, Khan didn't like Esmeralda so much, even though they were cousins. 

Mike hung up the phone. Khan Tones breathed a sigh of relief, until a chuckle sounded, startling him. Albert Tones smiled, clapping his hands together. 

"Excellent, Mr Khan. You are negligent, the scapegoat." Albert quipped at Khan's carelessness.

"Come on, keep your mouth shut."

"Not free," said Albert quickly. Khan snorted. "Shit," he shrieked softly.

Khan Tones transferred some money, to Albert's account, as payment for silence. 

"Wow, you are very understanding, I like it. Thank you," Albert said with a satisfied smile. 

"Get lost!" cried Khan Tones.

"Okay, but here's our loss report for today. If we don't find investors within a few days, then this company is in danger of going bankrupt."

 "Ah, dammit," shrieked Khan back. The man squeezed his head tightly, frustrated. 

This fledgling company, even a snap of Jeremy's finger, was on the verge of bankruptcy.

 "How is the proposal for cooperation, with the Gian Company Group?" asked Albert.

Khan massaged his temples. "Rejected."

 "Ha? Rejected? Destroyed at this rate," said Albert. 

"Get lost!" said Khan increasingly frustrated.

 "Fine, handle the company well, or, step down from your position!" quipped Albert, chuckling. Then the man left, leaving Khan Tones in his room. ____

 "Esmeralda, is it true that Khan Tones is in danger of going bankrupt?"

 Amelia inquired, when she saw her daughter sitting on the rickety sofa. Esmeralda just nodded.

 "It's true what you said, Jeremy is a ***."

 "Mom, why do you always blame him? It's possible, this is all karma for Tones."

"Esmeralda, watch your mouth! Don't blame Mother's family."

 "Our daughter is not wrong!" interrupted James, Esmeralda's father. 

"Your family is so arrogant. No wonder God punishes them now." Amelia Tones was silent, her heart angry.

 "I am James Wade. And you are my wife. Your name should be Amelia Wade, and so is Esmeralda. But because of your family's arrogance, my name disappeared, as if I had no children. Just because of what? Poor. I am broke and now useless, what's the difference between me and Jeremy Mose?"

James Wade said at length. Sick of her being silent all this time, when Jeremy continues to be insulted and blamed. But this time, he was fed up. 

It wasn't just Jeremy they hated. But Esmeralda, his only daughter, was also a victim of his wife's family arrogance. 

Amelia Tones was silent, not daring to speak. What her husband said, it was completely true. 

"What makes them hate us, is poverty. Not because of Jeremy Mose, but because I, as the head of the household, I can't make your life prosperous," said James Wade in a hoarse voice.

 Esmeralda ran to hug her father. He is very grateful, there is still Father who defends him. 

Who understands his life, who understands his choices. 

"Never mind my daughter, I know, your best choice."

 James unwrapped his daughter's arms. 

"If it weren't for Jeremy, who would want to, bring water from the river, for us all to bathe? Dad? Of course not. Because you're not as strong as you used to be." 

Amelia sneered inwardly, she was getting more and more hatred. To him, Jeremy was still a loser.

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