Young master

Chapter 6

They both finally agreed, to keep Jeremy Mose's real identity.

Jeremy Mose looked at his wife intently, that made Esmeralda stiffen a little.

This dashing man, who has dimples on his cheeks, made Esmeralda's heart beat even harder.

"You know, it's like a dream to me, Jeremy."

The man smiled. "This is a new chapter in our household, my dear. I promise, I won't let them look down on us forever again."

"You're so sweet, I didn't expect it, I'm so lucky to have you."

"It's not you who is lucky, but me. I am the luckiest poor man."

"Oh no, that's not true. You're not a poor man, they don't know anything about you."

Jeremy Mose smiled. "Remember, keep our secret. I don't want our quiet life to be disturbed."

"Definitely, my husband."

Jeremy Mose was relieved that there was no need to keep this big thing a secret from his wife. After all, Jeremy Mose is indeed a man who really cares and prioritizes his wife's feelings.

For Jeremy, Esmeralda is the diamond in his life, and the life in him. The man adored and loved his wife very much.

After the agreement was reached, Esmeralda walked out of Jeremy Mose's room.

He was escorted by one of Miss Hwang's men to the exit with great respect.

The two receptionists looked back at Esmeralda. The plate-haired receptionist chuckled softly.

"The style of an important person, the appearance of a lowly employee," muttered the arrogant woman. And that, clearly sounded in the ears of Jeremy Mose, who was monitoring the CCTV.

The haughty woman didn't speak quietly, instead she seemed to want Esmeralda to listen to her on purpose. Because the one who escorted Esmeralda out of the Giant Company Group office was her lover.

Esmeralda, who heard the sarcasm, stopped in her tracks, and turned to the woman. While the man who was escorting Esmeralda, felt awry.

"What did you say? Are you kidding me?" Esmeralda asked with a sharp look. This time, he was very disgusted by the woman in front of him, who had not been the slightest bit nice to him.

"You feel offended? Did what I say to you? If so, you shouldn't be angry." The woman said haughtily.

"What are you saying? Shut your rotten mouth!" snapped the man behind Esmeralda.

Hearing her lover's harsh yell, the woman immediately felt hurt and just stared at Esmeralda with hatred.

"Poor," Esmeralda hissed with a smirk.


Esmeralda left the Giant Company Group building. Jeremy, who had been monitoring his wife, saw all the happenings at the receptionis.

Angry, Jeremy Mose called Debara Hwang.

"Yes sir."

"Fire the receptionist with the yellow hair. That woman, how dare you insult my wife," Jeremy grumbled.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't know anything. Fine, I'll fire the woman right away."

The blonde woman was called into Debara Hwang's room.

"What's the matter, Miss? You called me?" asked the woman kindly.

Miss Hwang stood up to the woman. He scanned from her feet, to the tips of her hair.

"Who do you think you are? Feeling great about insulting my guest?" asked Miss Hwang firmly.

"Sorry Miss, I didn't insult anyone, maybe you have the wrong person," the woman denied.

"How dare you dodge. Today, I officially fire you. You should know yourself, only a receptionist, how can you be so arrogant and confident in insulting a Tones Enterprise employee."

The blonde haired woman was shocked and froze. His shadow returned to the previous time.

He remembered clearly in his mind the words of insults and ridicule he had thrown at Esmeralda earlier.

"I'm sorry, Miss Hwang, I didn't mean to."

The woman pleaded, pleaded.

Get out of this office right now! I will dismiss you with no respect."

The woman could only sob, and regret her actions. If only he hadn't insulted the woman, perhaps today, the receptionist would still have done a good job.

He also remembers the previous incident, when his girlfriend yelled at him loudly, giving a warning not to cause trouble.

But unfortunately, this blonde-haired woman had already vomited her curse at the wrong person.

So that makes the regret in his heart even greater. He also contacted his man, to complain about his current fate.

"You idiot! Can't control your rotten mouth," the man on the phone cursed at him.

"You should encourage me, not keep pushing me," the woman moaned, sobbing.

"I don't care. Don't bother me, I don't want to get involved in your troubles." Instantly the lover hung up the phone.

His heart was broken and down. Even regrets are mounting in his mind now.

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please distinguish between males and females I am getting confused you use he and him women when it should be her and she for women and he and him for men otherwise the story is great
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Receptionist overstep
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Christopher Javier
tagalog story

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