Young master


Esmeralda walked into the Tones enterprise building. Inside the Director's room, Mike Tones and Khan Tones were having a conversation.

"Grandpa sure, Esmeralda will succeed?" asked Khan Tones nervously.

"I don't know, Esmeralda's way, the important thing is that we get the big company's signature."


"Hi Esmeralda, did you manage to get the cooperation contract? After our proposals were rejected several times? I'm sure, you must have failed too," sneered Albert Tones, when he saw Esmeralda heading to Mike's work room.

Esmeralda just smiled, not in the least bit of her intention, in response to Albert Tones' rambling which was of no use to her.

"Are you deaf? Mute? Since becoming the culprit of the company's bad luck?" Albert Tones again mocked him, insulting at the same time.

Esmeralda stopped in her tracks, she was angry and very angry actually.

Seeing Esmeralda's hateful gaze, Albert Tones m

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