Young master


At the mini park, Jeremy Mose and Esmeralda meet Diana Catwalk.

"Esmeralda," said Diana Catwalk.

Esmeralda turned. "Wow, Diana." Esemeralda stood up, and they embraced.

"Who are you with?" Diana asked, stretching her arms.

"Jeremy, introduce me, this is Diana, my old college friend. And Diana, introduce me to my husband, Jeremy Mose."

"Husband?" Diana was dumbfounded and scanned all over Jeremy's modest appearance.

"I think what I've heard about him is true."

"What did you hear?" Esmeralda was curious.

"Is he that jobless man, living with your family?"

Esmeralda felt uncomfortable, hearing her friend's words.

"Diana, we'll excuse ourselves," said Esmeralda.

Diana was silent, watching Esmeralda's attitude turn cold.


Esmeralda and Jeremy arrived in front of their shabby house. Amelia stared coldly at their arrival.

Meanwhile, James Wade, sat quietly be

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